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Getting Rid Of Warts Forever Plr Ebook

Getting Rid Of Warts Forever Plr Ebook
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If you thought you had heard it all, think again. Let me now urge you not to get disgusted and take this information with utmost seriousness because you will be amazed with the healing properties that this viscous substance holds.

But before we go any further, let me ask you the following: Have you ever heard about the controversy regarding stem cell research?

Advocates like Christopher Reeve, Michael Fox and even Nancy Reagan shouted its cause. And no, it is not stem cells that we will use to cure warts, please keep reading.

The controversy comes from the use of aborted fetuses for the purposes of research. While I highly doubt that many women would ever undergo an abortion in order to produce stem cells for research, the religious right argued that their use in stem cell research was immoral and that federal funding for such research should be disallowed. In fact, they believe that such stem cell research shouldn’t be performed.

My feelings are that the procedure should be safe, legal, and extremely, extremely rare. That being said, I couldn’t see why a naturally aborted embryo should be relegated to mere biohazard status when it could possibly be used for research to save or improve the human life of someone who has already been born.

It turns out that there are other alternative methods of procuring stem cells for research. One of those alternative methods is through the use of human placenta and also through the use of menstrual blood.

Yes you heard it right, women’s menstrual blood; or as I like to call it ‘healing menstrual blood’. This exact healing substance is our powerful natural remedy to get rid of warts forever.

Here’s how researchers are harvesting this fluid, (you are NOT going to have to do this for your use of it in the removal of warts, I just want you to understand the great significance that menstrual blood has for medical research). To store menstrual blood for future research a woman inserts a cup shaped like a tampon into her vagina on her heaviest flow day for approximately 3 hours in order to preserve a specimen of 10 to 20 milliliters of blood. That is then poured into a container and shipped back to a lab to be used or stored for future use.

As I understand it some women are paying a fee of $499 and then an additional $99 per year to store their own menstrual blood for future use. The stored cells can be thawed and used to help in the treatment of breast cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s or any one of a number of possible future health problems for the patient or for a beloved family member.