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Getting Started As A Freelance Writer PLR Ebook

Getting Started As A Freelance Writer PLR Ebook
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Becoming a freelance writer is a dream of many people. The good thing is that getting started as a freelance writer has never been easier or more in demand.

If you want to freelance as a writer, you’ll need to understand the different ways a freelance writer can earn money, plus whether it’s the right choice for you as a career. You also need to know how to get better at doing it so that you can grow your income and maintain it long term.

What Is a Freelance Writer? Can You Make a Full-Time Living?

A freelance writer is a solopreneur or business owner that sells the service of writing. They may write either for themselves or as a contractor writing on spec for other business owners or authors, or for themselves as a self-published writer. As a freelancer, you’re on your own. You’ll have no boss, and you won’t have to sign in at a specific time.

However, as a freelance writer, you will have specific deliverables due at particular times. You’ll have to be self-motivated enough to stick to your timelines with your clients, as well as to continue marketing for new jobs to have any hope of getting paid enough.

Making a Full-Time Living

As you think about this process, you may be wondering whether you can make a full-time living as a freelance writer or not, and the answer is yes.

You can earn as much money as you want to as a freelance writer. Many freelance writers earn multiple six figures writing from home (or the beach), while some like to keep it part-time and make “grocery money.” How much you make will be determined by many factors – from the genre you choose to work in, to your skill level, and how fast you can produce deliverables that are acceptable to your clients.

As a freelance writer, you can work for a large company that likes to hire out their copywriting or produce content writing, such as ClearVoice.com, or you can work for a large publishing house that hires freelancers to ghostwrite part or all of a series that they’ve already planned and outlined. Alternatively, you can work for yourself and self-publish the writing that you make up and plan on your own and sell it directly to your customers.

Honestly, any type of writing that you are good at doing can be done on a freelance basis, and you can earn a full-time living doing it. The main thing is to work out how much you need to earn and only do things that make that possible.

The options are many. Your job is to figure out how much you need to earn, what type of writing you do best, who needs the kind of writing you do, and then the know-how and ability to put yourself in front of your audience so that they can take your offers when you make them.

As a freelancer, you’ll be doing this on your own, with no boss to tell you when, where, what, why, or even how. Are you ready to be a freelancer? Do you have the temperament to quickly write the copy you’ve been hired to write, while also marketing your services?

Signs That Freelance Writing Is Right for You

To become a freelancer of any kind, including being a freelance writer, you need to have specific characteristics in your personality that you are willing to display or learn. Characteristics such as self-reliance and practical writing skills are essential, not to mention a willingness to find your own customers and audience without needing someone to tell you what to do at every moment of the day.

You Are Self-Motivated

You don’t always have to be the cheerleader in the room, but you do need to have the ability to tell yourself to get to work and complete a certain amount of work each day so that you can get paid regularly.

You’re not going to be able to rely on motivation that doesn’t exist. If in the past, you’ve had a hard time sticking to doing something without someone telling you to do it, evaluate this about yourself before you start.