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Greener Living For A Greener World Mrr Ebook

Greener Living For A Greener World Mrr Ebook
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We've all heard about green living and we all know what living green is all about. At least, most of us think we know what it's all about.What it's really all about is making eco friendly smart choices in the way we live our lives.

We've all heard the traditional methods of living green from turning off lights and lowering thermostats to buying hybrid cars and building green homes.We think either we can or cannot do it or are already implementing these green practices into our lives. Many of us live this way because we like to save money even without thinking about doing it for our planet.

Others, on the other hand, may think they're living green to the best of their abilities but are not making smart choices. In other words, their hearts are in the right places, but their heads are misinformed or have been mislead. Believe it or not, there are some Dos and Don'ts regarding effective ways to help the earth and live green.

Since we started using computers there's been the debate of whether to shut your computer off or leave it on when you're not using it. You're not going to be saving much if you're turning it off when you'll be using it again in 15 minutes. In fact, you may actually be doing more harm. However, shutting it off for the night will make a big difference in your energy usage and the life of your monitor. Screensavers, unlike popular belief, do not save energy. If you won't be using your computer for 15 minutes or so, put it on sleep mode.

Switching the light bulbs in your home from conventional light bulbs to Energy Star compact fluorescent light bulbs is a great help to the environment and will also be a help to your pocketbook. These fantastic light bulbs last a very long time and will really cut down on your electric bill. However, wait until your current light bulbs are totally burnt out before replacing them. You'll be wasting money and energy replacing perfectly good bulbs. Make this transition one bulb at a time and you'll really be making a difference.

Have you been thinking of buying a hybrid SUV to reduce pollution and conserve fuel? SUVS are still gas guzzlers and not very economical. If you're serious about saving energy and fuel, you may want to consider a smaller car that's not a hybrid. It would almost make more sense than a hybrid SUV.