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Guerilla Marketing Explained Plr Ebook With Audio

Guerilla Marketing Explained Plr Ebook With Audio
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Terry: Just before we go on, can we go over what the difference is between a feature and a benefit so people are clear on that?

Jay: A feature is what is in your product and a benefit is what that means to them and what they get out of it. One of my clients goes to Norway to get their furniture. They get Norwegian slat beds. That?s the feature. The benefit is that you have a more inexpensive sleeping surface that gives you the body support you need and you don?t have to worry about a dirty innerspring mattress, you can use a slat bed. People only care about what is going to benefit them out of a product or service, and not care about anything else. Did that answer your question, Terry?

Terry: Yea, I just wanted to make sure our listeners know the difference between a feature and a benefit because way back in the day when I was in advertising, it was very difficult to figure out the difference between them. That explanation is absolutely perfect, thank you.

Jay: Here's the thing to keep in mind, quality is not what people think it is. Quality is not what you put into a product or service; quality is what people get out of your product or service. Don't talk to them about you, talk to them about themselves and they'll care like crazy.

Okay, so the first sentence talks about the purpose of your marketing and the second shows an advantage you have to achieve that purpose.