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Guide To Smartphones Give Away Rights Ebook

Guide To Smartphones Give Away Rights Ebook
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Chapter 9:

Gaming with your smartphone.

More and more people are giving up on pricey portable gaming systems and replacing them with casual gaming on their smartphones. With this in mind many big-name games and developers are making great titles for smartphones. Thanks to smartphone technology it is now possible to have a phone and a handheld gaming console, all in one. Some of the premium game titles for smartphones at the moment are: a) Sonic 4 Episode1. It brings back all the classic side scrolling action from the original games with updated 3D graphics. Sonic 4 can be played on both Android and iOS. b) Grand Theft Auto 3. The popular Grand Theft Auto series have been ported to all Android and iOS devices. c) Street Fighter IV. Capcom made a brand new Street Fighter game designed specifically for the iPhone. d) Tetris. You don’t need a fancy gaming system to get the full, official version. EA has Tetris on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. e) Sims 3. The Sims game is one of the most successful games of all time. You can now play on your smartphone. Some of the choices of smartphones for gaming are:

- Nokia N900. This phone is quite a geeks dream. You can run anything from Angry Birds to one of your favorite Play Station or Nintendo classics via an emulator. - Samsung Galaxy S. If screen quality is an issue for you when gaming, the Galaxy S’ 4-inch Super AMOLED display will have you feeling like you’re gaming in front of your HDTV. - Apple iPhone. This device is solid powerful and offers the best mobile display money can buy. Worth mentioning is that Apple App Store has tens of thousands of top games. - LG Optimus 7. If interaction with your online persona is what you enjoy LG Optimus 7 is worth looking at. With Xbox live! Interaction you can go into the marketplace and download any number of great games. There’s plenty of choice for the casual gamer in smartphone land.