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Health And Fitness 101 Mrr Ebook

Health And Fitness 101 Mrr Ebook
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If someone has told you that only a hard and tough exercise routine can make you healthy then, he has misguided you completely because although exercise is necessary for your health and fitness but it is not necessary that you have to work out for more than an hour every day to stay fit. After hearing this kind of hard working plan, most of the people lose their heart and they think that they do not have time for this crap and they are better without it. This is also a wrong attitude and you should look for more proper and realistic guide. Obviously, you have a busy life routine and you cannot get time for exercise daily but you can obviously find 15-20 minutes daily for very relaxing kinds of exercises which can help you to get rid of whole day’s stress and can make your fresh for a new start. In this discussion, I am going to give you all those secret exercise types and will also tell you their advantages.

First of all, you need to know that there are four kinds of exercise plans which are available and all four of them have different advantages for your physical health.

Exercise To Improve Bone and Muscle Strength

These exercises are also called strength and resistance increasing exercises. Most of the people take body building as strength and resistance increasing exercise but you need to know that body building is another category of exercise in which the primary goal of the person is to enhance muscle growth.

You can add some weight lifting and body building in your fat burning and weight control plan but you should do it to an extent where your body can bear it without any problem. If you over tried this exercise then, your whole body can be a mess. I have seen people joining gyms and doing hard exercise just by watching other people doing it. This is not the way to go instead consult your trainer personally and ask him about appropriate exercises which can fit in your needs. If your weight is under control and you need just light exercise to keep your healthy system going then, you do not need to lift heavy weights.

Flexibility Increasing Exercises

Second type of exercise plan can be to increase your flexibility and in more common terms you can say that if you used to have pain in your arms, legs, lower back, neck and other similar areas of your body then, you need to make your body more flexible. Flexibility will increase resistance and you will be able to cope with more difficult positions and postures easily. You have to go through different postures in daily life for example if you work in an office then, you can be given an uncomfortable chair at times or you may be given some work in which you have to concentrate hard on computer screen and you cannot rest your back with chair. In these situations, if you do not have any flexibility in your body then, it will create problems but regular flexibility exercises which will not take more than 10-15 minutes of your time, will increase this flexibility and will make you feel better and active.