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Health Harmony MRR Ebook With Audio & Video

Health Harmony MRR Ebook With Audio & Video
Date Added: March 28, 2013
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Ebook Sample Content Preview:

I'm much more confident now.... Everybody is noticing how great I look..... I find myself smiling more.... because I am feeling so great about myself ...I feel so happy that I'm in complete charge of the way I feel.....the way I eat....the way that I conduct myself ... It's a fantastic feeling of control .....

I see a fantastic road ahead of me. The sun is shining in a rich, blue sky...the trees are full of leaves and the grass is lush and green...this is the road of the healthy people. This is a brilliant, cheerful road...full of optimism and health...I'm walking down the road to a longer, healthier, happier life...with each step I take I feel better, more alive, more upbeat and optimistic...I feel great...

As you ready yourself to come back to your conscious aware state, remember to bring back a reminder, something to bring you back to place where you can gather the strength that is greater than any of your fears.

And now return to your conscious self within your special place and be grateful for and completely aware of your deep rooted sense of becoming healthy and thin.

As you breath deeply it’s time to return as we go from 1to 5 , Number 1 you are slowly coming back to your awareness, 2 feeling alive and rested and deeply strong, 3 returning with amplified self assurance, and ability to follow through, 4 feeling the essence of being in your body that is empowered and dedicated as well as self approving, paying attention to the sounds and light in the room, and 5, when you are completely ready return to the room knowing all the while that life is to be savored and lived.

You have just taken steps to bring your own success, to boost your self confidence and to become healthy and thin…. To do what is necessary to be strong, confident and treat yourself well. Listen to this series often to tap into your new wellness.