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Hiit – The 60-Second Fat Burner Personal Use Ebook

Hiit – The 60-Second Fat Burner Personal Use Ebook
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HIIT: The 60-Second Fat Burner

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is becoming the workout of choice for millions of professional athletes and those who like to keep in tip top shape, but lack the necessary time to devote to the gym. “HIIT: The 60-Second Fat Burner” is a guide to show you how HIIT can work to transform your own body effectively in the least amount of time.

Most of us are non-competitive individuals who want to get the most from the workouts/ There a many reasons we choose to realize health benefits, but usually the driver is to lose weight and have more energy. It’s also helpful if we don’t have to join a gym or spend a lot of money on gadgets and equipment.

HIIT is a training program which minimizes time and equipment. Many of us are busy with our personal or business commitments and have lifestyles which don’t lend themselves to spending hours in the gym.
The specialized structure of a HIIT fitness program is designed to train both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems by engaging brief intervals of high intensity exercise. Between the intervals, you have periods of low or moderate intensity levels of exertion.

So, you push yourself for hard for seconds or minutes and then level off to a less intense workout. In doing that, you’re keeping your heart rate up and your metabolism burning at a higher rate even after your exercise session is over.

HIIT challenges you to achieve your peak fitness in a way that helps you limit muscle loss and improve your endurance while transforming your body into a more athletic and healthy one.

“HIIT: The 60-Second Fat Burner,” covers everything you need to know about beginning a HIIT training program of your own. You’ll learn the benefits of HIIT compared to other training programs and to your overall health. You will want to try the HIIT approach to generating more long-term energy, losing weight and improving muscle tone. http://www.yoursite.com

Chapter 1: How HIIT Can Transform Your Body

If you’re looking for a workout that will melt fat leaving you with a lean and fit body in the shortest amount of time, HIIT is where you want to be. The main reason why HIIT has become a near frenzy for the past few years is because it really works.

HIIT is the best workout available for those who want to tone, burn fat and build muscle but don’t have a lot of time to devote to long gym workouts. It’s never boring because you can vary your workout routine from lifting weights to Zumba dancing.

Here are a few reasons why HIIT is the best workout to transform your body:

1. Fast and convenient – Do your exercises anywhere and in less than 30 minutes. Exercise sets may begin with 60 seconds of intense effort followed by 2 minutes of recovery.
2. Your metabolism keeps running – Even after your HIIT workout is over, you’ll still be burning fat for up to 48 hours after the routine.
3. Combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise benefits – You’ll enjoy the oxygen benefit that aerobic exercise provides and the benefit of building muscle mass with anaerobic exercises.
4. Increase cardiovascular health – It’s been proven that HIIT consisting of “brief and intense” exercise can lessen risk for cardiovascular disease.

You can take your cardio exercise sessions from the track to the swimming pool and everything in between – customizing the HIIT program until it fits what you like to do most. HIIT involves changing your pace at various points during the workout and using various workout methods.

You never get bored and your body doesn’t know what’s coming next, so virtually every muscle in your body gets used in the HIIT workout routine. If you’re looking for quality in a workout session, you won’t find any better than the HIIT method.

HIIT is one of the best kept secrets of professional athlete coaches. Now, you can work out like an athlete, getting the same results in the shortest amount of time.

The History and Concept of HIIT

The popularity of the HIIT workout began not too long ago at the beginning of the 2010s. The Tabata workout, which was part of a 1996 study by Professor Izumi Tabata, was an early version of the present HIIT program and was used to train Olympic speedskaters.

Another version of HIIT, the Peter Coe regimen was developed in the 1970s for his son, Sebastian. Coe’s exercise sessions involved 200 meter runs that were integrated with a 30-second recovery between each run. http://www.yoursite.com

The Gibala regimen originated by Professor Martin Gibala and his team in Canada was researched for several years and resulted in a 2011 paper. They touted the regimen as being a good option for less active people who may not have exercised for several years. The regimen included a short warm up, 10 repetitions at 60-second high intensity bursts of activity and 60 seconds of recovery followed by a cool-down lasting for five minutes.

A professor of biology at the University of Loughborough, Jamie Timmons, developed the Timmons regimen that included an exercise bike routine of two minutes of slow pedaling and 20 second bursts of fast cycling. Timmons advocated performing the regimen three times per week at a total of three minutes for the intense part of the exercise, plus a warm up and recovery.

How HIIT Works

No matter which regimen of HIIT you choose, you’re sure to get the results you want. The concept is simple. During exercise your body uses oxygen to create energy, but when you’re performing aerobic exercise the body’s demand for oxygen causes you to breathe faster to draw in more oxygen.

Aerobic exercises means your body requires more oxygen to create energy. Your muscles begin to burn and you have to make up for lack of oxygen after exercising.

The HIIT concept dictates that you split the oxygen-using exercises by working hard for short intervals, for example 30 to 60-seconds, and then lower the intensity to recover. While this seems severe, this process is easier on the body. And it works.

HIIT works by combining aerobic and anaerobic exercises for the most efficient use of oxygen and burning fat. Aerobic and anaerobic concepts are covered in Chapter 3 of this guide.

You have a realistic idea of your physical state before you begin a HIIT program. If you’re entirely out of shape or obese, you should work with a professional to manage your program.

Starting off with 30 days of walking for 30 minutes and increasing to 60 minutes or more is a good way to prepare you body for a HIIT program. Mix in some yoga for balance and strength to get your joints and muscles engaged.