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How To Be An Air Courier MRR Ebook

How To Be An Air Courier MRR Ebook
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Where Can I Go?

Naturally, you’ll only be able to visit areas serviced by specific courier companies so, again, it’s wise to make yourself available to a number of companies, operating on different routes, and covering multiple destinations.

Most firms requiring freelance couriers operate internationally, some to just one or two major destinations, others to all major overseas airports. If you limit your choice of destinations and availability, or work with one courier company, you’ll limit the number of places you might visit.

The best solution to lots of free and low cost travel is to make yourself known to as many courier firms as possible and try to be available at all times, without notice.

Not easy for someone in full-time employment or with family or other responsibilities, but a great way to finance a life of total independence, freedom to travel full-time, or even start a business associated with travel and get to earn high profits from every trip.

How Long Can I Stay At My Destination?

Just how long you will be allowed to remain abroad is a matter for you and the company to decide in advance and always forms part of your contract. Departure and arrival dates and times are agreed prior to the flight and might only be changed in exceptional circumstances.

So if the contract says you arrive in Paris at 1pm and depart thirty minutes later, that’s exactly what you must do.

You’re unlikely to get more than a free lunch from that experience but thankfully few courier companies operate such tight schedules. Your job is to be flexible yourself and find a company willing to match the gesture.

What If I Can’t Fulfil My Obligations?

None of us is perfect, and there will be times when family or personal problems mean you have to cancel your flight, just as ill health and unexpected emergencies might prevent you from travelling. In such cases, your contract will normally provide for a charge to be levied against you for cancelling your flight, the actual amount depending on notice given to the company. If you cancel at the last moment you will probably forfeit the entire cost of your flight.

For obvious reasons, the would-be ‘professional’ or full-time courier should try never to cancel a flight and only for the most urgent of reasons.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

All travellers should have insurance against loss or damage to possessions and illness or injury to themselves.

Sometimes insurance will be offered or provided by the hiring company, sometimes not.

If the company provides insurance, on rare occasions it will be free of charge, but usually a reduce rate will apply to couriers.

Make sure you are covered even if this reduces an already limited budget. The alternative can be very risky and potentially life-threatening not to mention very expensive if you are taken seriously ill overseas or your expensive belongings are stolen or lost.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Potentially the biggest drawback is that sometimes you will be restricted to hand baggage only on your journey, since the courier company’s packages are effectively using what would otherwise be your space as passenger.

Sometimes you will be allowed to use some part of hold storage space where your baggage will be included alongside the courier company’s items. If not a hold-all or sports bag should carry enough clothing and personal items to provide for most short stays abroad.

Couriers, normally, are expected to travel alone, so holidays with family and friends might seem out of the question where you travel as courier.

But it might be possible to book a cheap flight for others on the same aircraft or have them take another flight with plans to meet you at the other end. Check this with the courier company (in case it compromises your contract) and make early plans for others to travel before accepting your assignment.

Tips For Prospective Couriers

Make yourself indispensable to courier companies by giving first class service, honouring your obligations, looking smart, and being available for virtually all destinations and willing to fly at any time at little or no notice. Many of the more successful and prolific couriers say they owe their achievements to writing letters of thanks to the courier firm when the trip ends. Okay, so you did them a favour by accompanying their package, but don’t forget that both parties provided a service for one another, and both gained something. ‘Thanks’ is a word that might be entirely appropriate, and might bring you quickly to mind when someone is next needed on an urgent assignment to some distant, exotic location.

Apply to numerous companies, particularly near your own local airports, where you’ll receive priority over couriers from further afield. Contact companies regularly enquiring about vacancies, without making a nuisance of yourself.

Constant telephone calls will win you no favours with busy courier companies but a regular polite enquiry letter might keep your application at the top of the pile!

Try not to show the low cost - or free - air ticket is your only interest. Even if it is! Make sure the company sees you as a responsible, caring individual, not a freeloader caring little about anyone or anything but themselves!

Try not to cancel a flight unless you have no other option. Reliability is what brings you speedily to mind when the company next needs a courier.

Dress casually but smart and remember you are representing the courier company. Be diligent and responsible and you’ll enjoy regular assignments.