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How To Choose And Get A College Degree Give Away Rights Ebook

How To Choose And Get A College Degree Give Away Rights Ebook
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What can you do with a bachelor's degree? Ora master's degree? Or a doctorate? Well, for one thing, you should know that studies show that 10 years out of school after a bachelor's degree program most people are working in fields not directly related to their major (statistics are somewhat different for folks graduating from professional schools or graduate schools).

But what can you do with each of these degrees? Essentially, if you have an associate's or bachelor’s degree that isn't in a professional program like nursing, engineering, or teaching, your degree equally qualifies you fora variety of entry level jobs. What sort of jobs you can get may depend greatly on your previous work experience and especially on internships that you held during school. Unless you have significant research experience, a BA in psychology is pretty similar to a BA in sociology or philosophy.

What these liberal arts degrees do prepare you well for is graduate school. With a master's degree, you can do a number of more things with a bachelor's. You can teach at either the high school or community college level - most states don't require folks with master's degrees to get teaching certificates. With an MA or MFA in English writing or journalism you can definitely get writing jobs of various sorts - like editing or writing fora local newspaper. With an MBA you're ready to enter in at the middle management level or help a local business step it up. And with an MA in theology, like the program I'm starting right now, you can use the paperfrom your diploma to roll joints and smoke it up with the hippies squatting behind the seminary.

If you go to the doctorate level, you will be able to teach at a college or university, write books about things that only a few people are really interested in, or lead research teams. Actually, there are a fair number of things that require doctorates these days. Part of that is that there are a lot more PhD bearing people around now than there were 50 years ago, and part of that is that there are a lot more specialized information and research jobs than there used to be.

Professional graduate degrees are really where its at, in terms of degrees that will get you jobs - jobs that are useful to society - and jobs that will get you money. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, architects - aren't these what we all dreamed of becoming one day? Go for it, why can't you be what you want to be? Too old to be a doctor? You would be surprised at how old some students are.