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How To Start A Membership Site In 24 Hours Plr Ebook

How To Start A Membership Site In 24 Hours Plr Ebook
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By now, you've not only uncovered target market of internet shoppers who've got a problem (or problems) that they'll pay to have solved, you've also got, a good handle on the solution(s) they're looking for.

That, my friend, is the driest tender. It's what you'll need to start your sales fire.

Now, all you need to do is strike it with a match. You've got to provide that dry tender with the spark that sets the whole process aflame.

That spark in marketing lingo is your “hook” - the thing that will get people to take notice of your membership site... to get excited about what you're offering... to pull out their credit cards and sign up for a membership.

This is another one of those critical steps in the process. If your “hook” isn't up to snuff, it's the same as trying to start a fire with wet matches. It won't matter how dry your tender is – heck, you could even douse it with lighter fluid. If your matches are wet, you won't get a spark. If you don't get a spark, you won't get a fire. And, in our analogy, if you don't get a fire – you die.

So, take your time – at least the whole hour – and create a really powerful “hook”.

Of course, creating a great hook isn't easy. If it was, everybody would have one! But it IS simple. You just have to put your “creativity” cap on, follow a few guidelines, and put away your fear of looking silly.