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How To Start A Scrapbooking Business PLR Ebook With Audio

How To Start A Scrapbooking Business PLR Ebook With Audio
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Whichever area you choose to specialize in, it’s a good idea to have samples of what you can do close at hand. This means making your own scrapbooking creations and making them available to potential clients as examples of what you can do. Always keep a couple in your car. Networking and word of mouth is the best way to market this business.

Practically any event in a person’s life is material for a scrapbook—which is great news for those who have a scrapbooking home based business. One woman specializes in making scrapbooks for the kindergartners at the elementary school near her home. And there’s a man who has an extremely successful scrapbooking home business where he only does military scrapbooks for veterans.

If you’re already into making scrapbooks, then you know about all the exciting new products available for scrapbooking home businesses. Beautiful and fun papers are just the beginning. And the scrapbook covers are often works of art - which is the point. When you’re preserving someone’s memories through your scrapbooking home business, you’re an artist and should think of yourself as one.

There are many ways to market yourself and your new business. Most of all, know who your target audience is and talk directly to them and their needs. If there is more than one target group, have a different set of materials to send to them. Basically, you’ll need to tailor your marketing materials according to what you’re trying to accomplish.

You want the person who sees your materials to say to themselves “That’s what I need!” Get to know each group you want to reach and speak to them. If you want to teach teens how to scrapbook, make your marketing materials teen-friendly. Use their language and terminology. Tell them what a fun time they’ll have making scrapbooks. Make it seem like they NEED to attend your sessions.

The same philosophy goes for your other target audiences. Speak to mothers, fathers, seniors, kids – the possibilities are endless. When you find the needs of a certain demographic, you need to make them WANT to buy your services.

Never assume you know your audience completely. Not all scrapbookers are alike - in fact, you might be surprised at the wide variety of people who enjoy our hobby. By letting your target markets know you took the time to get to know them, you're already halfway there.

Probably one of the best ways to get your name out in the business is to attend trade shows. Almost all local Chambers of Commerce hold some type of business expo. Spend the money to rent a booth and have samples of your work readily available.

Be sure you have plenty of business cards to hand out. Have a drawing to give away your services. Use the drawing slips to make a direct marketing list for future promotions. Be sure and have a place on the entry slip where entrants can indicate whether or not they want to receive future information from you.

A great way to promote your business is to compile a newsletter that you send out periodically to potential customers. To save on mailing costs, have people provide you with their e-mail address and take the time to send out your newsletter electronically.

Call your local newspaper and see if the reporter who covers local community news would be open to doing a story on your new business. Many times, they will be happy to do a story, but it has to be newsworthy. There's a fine line between advertising your business and offering the media valuable news and information. How do you generate excitement?

Let them know why you started your business in the first place. If you are one of the only scrapbook businesses in town (this is divided by areas of business - for example, there may be a store in town but you're the only custom scrapbook artist), let the media know why you decided to open. Were there no stores within a two hour radius? Did many people approach you to create scrapbooks for them?

Show that you are unique. Many people think that scrapbook enthusiasts are all basically the same - female, married with kids, of a certain faith, etc. This couldn't be further from the truth. There is a growing diversity among scrapbook enthusiasts, embracing many cultures, religions, genders, and ages. Write a press release spotlighting this fact.

Sponsor a day just for kids to teach them how to scrapbook. Make it feasible for them and limit the ages to 7 and older. Invite the local paper to cover the event.

The media love human interest stories – especially from local residents. Tell your story to them. Are you a stay-at-home mom who wanted to supplement the family income and have realized success? Perhaps you got laid off from your job and were looking for a way to occupy your time that would allow you to make money.

Try putting together a project for the community. Provide free classes for underprivileged youth or a church organization. Solicit sponsors and donations then give all the money to a charitable association. This will not only promote your business, but it will give you a great reputation within your local community.

Throw a customer appreciation party for your loyal clients and invite the media. Center the party around a theme – the 70’s, a luau, a Mexican fiesta, etc. Your customers will love this type of personal attention and the media will love the human interest aspect.