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How To Survive Any Natural Calamity Resale Rights Ebook

How To Survive Any Natural Calamity Resale Rights Ebook
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The world is constantly changing but not like in the past few hundred years. Technological advancements are forcing the environment to change in a way that is not at all desirable to human-kind. Though technology has made our lives comfortable to a great extent the same factors of comfort are contributing to making the world a difficult and uncomfortable place to live in.

The machines that cool or heat our homes and offices contribute to global warming that is causing disastrous changes to the climate and the environment as a whole. The climatic changes all around the globe is leading to environmental disasters in almost every country and this should be sounding alarm bells in every home of the world. However, we are still taking things easy hoping for the governments of the world to do something about putting a climate change emergency program in place.

People should learn from the devastating earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis that are wrecking havoc around the world. The first point in an emergency program should be to

educate the people as to the factors that lead to such environmental disasters and howto detect or predict the possible occurrence of one. Then the next step should include lessons on how to prepare for such contingencies.

Knowledge on howto act in times of environmental emergencies will help people improve their chances of surviving and coming out of such a situation with the least amount of damage.

Evidence is pointing to the fact that nature is going to hold man-kind responsible for the degradation of nature and the onslaught of natural disasters is inevitable. Mankind should be prepared to face these disasters if not do something to avert them - if it is not too late already. Greenhouse gases are not just government propaganda. It is a fierce reality and is the main contributing factor to global warming a phenomenon that is likely result in half the globe being submerged under the seas due to the melting of the ice caps at the poles of the globe.

It is believed that no matter what man does now there is no way of averting warming of the globe, it can only be delayed. What is of prime importance now is that man should understand the problems of climate change and howto react in such times. When climate change brings about a rise in the levels of the seas and oceans, forest fires and other disasters man must know the best measures to be taken.

It is important that the governments of every country should set up a contingency plan and a training program to educate the people as to how they should react in the event of an emergency brought on by climate changes. This will contribute to millions of people being in a better position to safe guard their lives and property and will lessen the impact of the environmental disaster.

With the present knowledge acquired by scientists around he world we now have a better chance of surviving -we also have a better choice.