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How To Upsell Now Audio Course Mrr Ebook With Audio

How To Upsell Now Audio Course Mrr Ebook With Audio
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The same goes with the trial offer. They come to your main page and buy your $47 self confidence program. Then you think that you don’t have anything else to offer. Get a resell rights product related to your topic and turn that into a trial offer. Tell them that if they tick on your tick box which you can use 1 ClickUpgrade to do, they will also get an eBook for free. You don’t have to tell them that it’s not you who wrote the eBook. You’re not lying or trying to be manipulative. You're just describing what the second offer is, which is another eBook on how to end procrastination. You don’t have to tell them that you didn’t write it. Besides, do you think that they really care whether or not you wrote if the resell rights product is good and lives up to the content that it promises?

The other thing is private label rights products. It's the same thing as resell rights but the difference is you have the rights to edit the product itself and use your name as the author or owner of the product. Of course private label rights would be better but most of the time, not all of the time, private label rights products are ghostwritten products. This means they suck. They are not prepared, written or developed based on real success stories or proven methods. They come from a perspective of theories, that theoretically this will work. You have to be careful with that.

If you buy a resell rights product from a famous marketer or known marketer, most of the time you get the real strategies that they also use. You have to balance up how you’re going to do this.

There are advantages and disadvantages to private label rights. Think wisely which end you want to go with. The point is that you’re really not limited or constraint with “no products” to add as upsell. You can always buy resell rights or private label rights. If you want, you can also hire someone to create it for you, that is, if you have the additional funds to do so.

In summary, look at your existing business right now and see where you want to put the upsells. You can put it on the main page of your website, the page before they order or the checkout page. You can put an upsell on each of the 3 pages but if you don’t really know what you’re doing, if you’re kind of new to this game, try not to do that because you could be overselling to your prospects or customers and they might get slightly irritated.

However, at the bare minimum you should put an upsell in at least one of the pages. My suggestion is to go with 2. This means it could be a selection of the main page and the page before the order page or it could be the page before the order page and the checkout page, whichever works well for you. Go with 2.

At least now you have a second chance. If you don’t get them at the main page, you might get them to take up another offer at the page before the order page with your upgrade offer.