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Hybrid Cars – Why Bother PLR Ebook

Hybrid Cars – Why Bother PLR Ebook
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Hybrids are here to stay. There is no denying it. Many are happy with theirs once it graces their lives. The decision is personal and will take time. For each of us the reasons for investing (or not) in a hybrid vehicle will vary. Investing in the environment and future has always served us well as a human populace. This is no different and time will tell. Auto-consumers are notoriously slow to adapt to changes and new offerings. There are skeptics about hybrids, HEV, fuel-cells, diesel-electric hybrids etc. Japanese, European (German) and North American automakers are all working feverishly to move this market forward. Some are collaborating and even sharing technology in the interest of moving this market forward with some faster momentum.

Call us cheap, lazy, ignorant or power-hungry, comfortable and stuck in our habits…because we do not know or have not had exposure to better, all keep us from trying out new or alternative technologies. Automotive options are no different. We have our bias, prejudices and preferences. It will take time to gain more ground and be mainstream, but hybrids are here to stay. For many, we act like opportunistic environmentalists that will jump at the chance to make a difference and do something special (like cut down on pollution) and vehicle emissions.

For many Hybrids are not as visually appealing and the trend seems to be to make them look more ‘ordinary’ and similar to their gas-guzzling counterparts in an attempt to raise interest and address these ‘uncertainties’ and close-mindedness to odd and weird looking, futuristic designs.

Expensive to some, novelty have-to-have for others, it does still cost more and sometimes you have to wait a long time to take possession, due to automakers NOT being able to keep up with the demand. We can speculate what the cars of the future would look like. If they will even be traditional ‘cars’ per se or some other form of personal transportation, like a human-enabled getting around device of some sorts, sky-cars, alternatives?

The human imagination and ability to dream will keep us coming up with innovative new designs and solutions. With the fact that fossil fuels are not a renewable energy resource and stocks depleting around the world, alternatives will certainly keep surfacing that are more efficient, revolutionary and setting a new tone and pace. It is up to us to make the decisions where to invest our money and development.

Green house effects, degrading ozone, devastating impact of noxious fumes and particles in our atmosphere and living environment and more, all motivate and inspire us to do something different. Consider green alternatives in and around your set of wheels, home and lifestyle calls for some different, counter-intuitive thinking and actions, possibly including the choice of buying a hybrid or not.