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Influx Free Web Traffic Strategies Personal Use Ebook

Influx Free Web Traffic Strategies Personal Use Ebook
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If you've been following the "buzz" around Google Hangouts, you will have heard many people talk about how it's the next big thing. Hangouts offers a lot of functionality and features, for example text messaging, 1-on-l video chat and screen sharing, but for video marketing purposes you're probably mainly interested in the webinar features.

Using Google Hangouts allows you to accomplish the same things as other webinar software, only free of charge and by a trusted name. There is a limit to how many people that can talk/present at the same time (currently 15), but an unlimited number of viewers can watch your presentation concurrently using Hangouts on Air.

Give Google Hangouts a go if you're currently shopping around for webinar solutions - it may be exactly what you're looking for, and the price is certainly right!


Basic video marketing is producing interesting, useful or funny videos and uploading them to sites like Youtube with a link back to your site

Video marketing works for almost any niche, but you may have to be creative to find what appeals to your intended audience

Webinars are "seminars held over the web", and they're great if you're trying to establish yourself as an expert in your field

Regular webinars can bring in a steady source of free traffic once you've built up a following

Consider trying Google Hangouts if you're interesting in holding webinars, as it's free and offers lots of advanced functionality while still being easy to use

Joint Ventures

A joint venture (or "JV") in the online marketing world is when you team up with other marketers, sharing/trading resources or skills for mutual gain. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and the deals you're able to strike with fellow marketers. Here are a few of the best ways to use joint ventures for traffic generation:

Ad swaps

This is what many marketers think of first when they think of joint ventures. An "ad swap" is when another marketer allows you to send out an offer to his e-mail list, and in return you allow him to do the same with your list. This is an excellent way to increase your reach without paying anything at all. You're not limited to swapping with just one other marketer either; you could even do one ad swap per week with different marketers to ensure you're getting a steady flow of traffic to your offer or website.

The potential downside to ad swaps is that quite often it will be "hit or miss". You'll find that some marketers you team up with have high-quality lists that yield great results, while others may not bring a single click if you're unlucky. The best way to avoid this is working only with reputable marketers who you know will deliver what they promised.

If you don't have a list of your own but still want to take advantage of another marketer's list, you can pay them for the privilege. This is called "solo ads", and is quite popular but not really considered a joint venture.

Thank you-page cross promotions

Another popular type of joint venture is to cross promote each other's products on "thank you-pages". A thank you-page is the page a user sees after opting in to a newsletter or purchasing a product, and this is usually prime advertising space since the user is already in an action-taking mode. Present them with another great offer and there's a good chance they'll jump on it. On your own thank you-page you'll place an ad for another marketer's product, or an opt in form for their e-mail list, and he will do the same for you on his page. Done correctly, you'll both benefit and get increased visibility with practically no downside.

The one risk you're taking is that the person you're teaming up with isn't getting as much traffic to his thank you-pages as you are, in which case the whole deal may seem quite unfair and you'll probably want to cancel it and look for someone else. Again, it's a good idea to only try this with reputable marketers that can be trusted.

Give away bonus products

A powerful method to get new e-mail subscribers to your newsletter is creating a small but valuable product and offering it as a free bonus to other people's customers. Like this:

Customer buys a product from Marketer A

Customer is offered a free bonus product created by Marketer B (that's you)

To get the free bonus product, customer is required to opt in to Marketer B's e-mail list

The marketer who's selling the product in the first place will often be happy to get an additional bonus he can offer his customers, and you're getting a steady stream of fresh e-mail subscribers who are proven buyers, without paying anything at all!

Cross promoting in different media outlets

We've already covered things like blogging, video marketing, webinars and social networking in this guide. Now, what you may not have thought of is that all of these can also be used in a joint venture, in addition to bringing you direct traffic. For example, say you host webinars regularly. You could promote your JV partner in one of them, in exchange for him promoting your offer to his Facebook fans. Or, if you partner up with a famous blogger, he could write a blog post about your product in exchange for you recording an instructional video for him (if that's your thing).

Turn the joint venture into a real partnership

Maybe you're great at building websites or creating products, but you're not as good at actually driving traffic to them. That's when it may be a good idea to make a deal with another marketer, where you each focus on your strengths and share the profits. Some marketers with big e-mail lists can send thousands of clicks to your products, which could make each of them huge successes without you having to spend any time or money at all on traffic generation. Of course you'd have to share some of the profits though, so it's not a 100% free technique, but still quite beneficial and a great idea that works in many situations.