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Internet Marketing For Business People MRR Ebook With Audio

Internet Marketing For Business People MRR Ebook With Audio
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Internet Marketing for Busy People:

How to Gain MASSIVE Exposure for Your Business or Site in Just a Few Minutes a Day!

Internet marketing is a set of techniques and strategies that a site or business owner can use in order to increase the visibility of their brand. Essentially, this means creating more links, building a following on social media and getting links to the top of Google.

The net result is that it is easier for people who might be interested in your content for find your website and more people around the net will have heard of your brand and be familiar with it. That means more traffic to your website and more people buying your products or signing up for your services.

Internet marketing is so powerful in fact that many people will do the marketing first and then come up with the business model second! In other words, they might focus on generating lots of traffic and lots of attention for a website or a web page and then think about how they’re going to profit from that web page (normally by selling a product or by displaying adverts).

Of course, businesses will use this the other way around – they already have a product or service they are selling and they just need to get more eyes on what they’re offering. Internet marketing allows them to do this and when everything goes smoothly, a business can expect to see a massive increase in turnover and profits.

The only problem? Internet marketing takes time and money. Whether you’re looking to create your own blog as a hobby in the evenings, or you’re interested in gaining more attention for your existing business… internet marketing requires you to understand a lot of complicated terms and processes and then invest lots of time into making them work for you.

This is a problem if you’re a busy person – if your business is already taking up all of your working time and you don’t feel like dedicating your spare time to more work…

Search engine optimization is certainly not something you can learn on your lunch break and you need more than a few hours a week to build a social media following… right?

Not necessarily! In this report, you’re going to learn how you can cut right to the chase with the most effective and straightforward internet marketing strategies available.

Search Engine Optimization in Minutes a Day

One of the aspects of internet marketing you’ve probably heard the most about, is ‘search engine optimization’. But what does this term mean precisely? More importantly, how can you implement an effective social media strategy in a few minutes a week?

Search engine optimization essentially means that you are optimizing a site or a page for search engines. More specifically, it usually means that you are optimizing said site or page for Google (seeing as Google is the search engine that pretty much everyone uses…).

So how does this work? What is Google looking for?

This is defined by Google’s ‘algorithm’, which in turn is its calculation for deciding which content is ‘relevant’ for which searches. Too many people get bogged down by the details of Google’s algorithms and by trying to work out precisely how many links they need and what the best ‘anchor text’ is.

In short, people try to second guess the nature of Google in order to ‘game the system’. In fact, this is what a lot of people think that SEO actually means.

But this is not SEO. Or at least it’s not good SEO. Because if you try and guess what Google wants you to do and then fill your site with that specific type of content and build those kinds of links, that means that anyone can get their way to the top of Google by using the same techniques – even if the site that they are promoting is not high quality!

In other words, as soon as someone finds a loophole to get to the top of Google, Google is going to plug it.

Google does not want there to be a simple formula that bloggers and business owners can follow to get to the top. Google does not care about you! What Google cares about is its users and it wants to make sure that only the genuinely popular and genuinely high quality content gets to the top. That’s why Google has become increasingly good at assessing quality content – by looking at things like vocabulary and use of synonyms. It’s also why you see fewer and fewer of those pidgin English sites at the top of Google’s results pages.

So, what is good SEO? Simple: it is focussing on delivering high quality content for your users. If you do that, then your goals are aligned with Google’s own goals. If it doesn’t promote your site already, then future updates will make it more effective at identifying the genuinely high quality nature of your content.

So, write posts that are the right length for the topic you’re writing. Write posts that are filled with genuinely interesting tips. And write posts that are entertaining and well written. This will also mean that more people spend longer on your site (you will ‘reduce bounce rates’) and this is another very important sign for Google.

Better yet, if your content is genuinely good and interesting, then people will want to share it with other people, resulting in links being added to your site!

Now, writing high quality content does not take ‘a few minutes a day’ and this is going to be the most time consuming aspect of internet marketing. But if you want to get around that issue, then consider outsourcing the writing to a professional. Just make sure that you pay enough (you get what you pay for) and that you pick someone who is an expert in the given topic and who is genuinely passionate about it.

Link Building

The other part of SEO is link building. That means getting other sites to link to yours. This is also really important because it is actually the way that Google finds new content online – by following trails of links around the net!

What’s also important about link building is that Google treats each link like a testimonial. The underlying assumption here is that if thousands of people are linking to your site, then your site must be at least fairly good! What’s more, is that a link tells Google about the subject matter – because normally sites will link to other sites that are on the same subject.

Again though, the important tip here is not to try and game the system. The main way that people are guilty of doing this, is by trying to build as many links as they possibly can by buying them and trading them and while giving no thought to the quality of the site linking to them.

Google does not like this. As far as link building goes, Google’s stance has always been that quality trumps quantity. The aim should be to get links on sites that Google trusts as authority resources, not to build them on sites that no one has heard of!

So how do you know if Google trusts a site? Well, if a site has a .edu or.gov domain, then there is a higher-than-average chance that Google will trust it. Google also likes brands and Google likes the sites that have inbound links from these sites. In other words, it acts like a game of ‘degrees of separation’. If you can’t get a link from Harvard but you get a link from a site that has a link from Harvard, then this will be almost as good.

Another tip is to look for the links that are in Google’s news section – as all these are sites that Google trusts. If you can get a link from any of those, then it will be worth a lot.

So instead of wasting time sending unsolicited emails begging for links or offering to buy them, the best way to build links by far is simply to focus on getting links from the very highest quality sites.

The good news for you is that this is quicker. Focus on keeping your site top quality and then send an email a day to the best sites in your niche asking if they’d like to publish a guest post or work together in some way. You only need a couple of positive responses to completely change the game.