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Internet Marketing Fortune Jumpstart MRR Ebook

Internet Marketing Fortune Jumpstart MRR Ebook
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Welcome to Internet Marketing Fortune Jumpstart!

This is a book specially targeted at people who want to start their own Internet marketing business with absolutely NO experience other than writing.

The reason why we wrote this book is because we want to help people who aspire to become Internet Marketers and have decent writing skills to break into the Internet Marketing market faster without going through the hard knocks that we have gone through.

There are many problems faced when starting an Internet business. As I write this book, I sincerely hope that you take this information and make the best of it to earn your fortunes!

How do most people start out their Internet marketing career? Buy an E-course worth $197 or something more expensive? How about spending thousands on an Internet marketing course by the gurus? Is spending money a problem?

Not that there is anything bad with gurus charging high-ticket for their information and services, because you do get access into the minds of successful people. It is well worth the money, but not all of us can afford to pay that kind of price, especially when we haven’t earn a red cent out of our ‘investment’.

Is there a less expensive way? Is there a way to learn and get paid while you are ‘on the job’?


Your writing skills will be your biggest asset here and we will show you step-bystep how you can get started in your career online whether you choose to be you’re a self-made entrepreneur or are just content with writing for others without quitting your job or attending expensive seminars which might or might not work out for you.

By partnering yourself strategically with gurus, or other established Internet Marketers, you will learn how to cut short your way to Internet marketing riches!

Regardless of whether you want to shoot for the stars or just want to be a freelancer, both paths are equally lucrative or there is a fortune to be made in front of you!

The Internet is a goldmine! There will be an abundance of opportunities out there and lots of money to be made if you partner yourself with the right people or if you establish yourself well on the net.

This guide will cover a few areas but are crucial to finding your area of expertise:

· How to make money with copywriting and learn marketing strategies
· How To Make a massive Income using blogs and learn about blog networks
· How to use affiliate marketing to maximize your income
· Joining Freelancer Sites to tender for more projects
· Outsourcing some work so you can accomplish more
· Finding The Right Joint Venture Partners
· Much more!

The hardest part about learning to be an Internet marketer is of course, at the beginning. You have heard testimonials of successful marketers who claim it is easier for them to increase their income from $50,000 a month to $500,000 a month but it took them months (even years) when they first started out to earn even $5,000 a month!

We believe that the information that we share here will drastically cut short that learning curve and make your learning process more enjoyable as your career begins to unravel slowly.

Be prepared to enter the exciting journey of freelancing! So hang on to your horses and prepare for the ride of your lives!

To your online success!

Attitude is Everything

Firstly, you can’t succeed in Internet marketing or freelancing without the right attitude.

You probably heard all this motivational pep talk before, but it is worth repeating because attitude really is crucial in this line of work.

Most of us are probably employees or working for someone else. The first step in making that jump from a 9-5 job to an entrepreneur is to decide whether or not you have what it takes to follow this path.

Not all of us are cut out to be our own boss. What do you do when the boss is not watching you? When it comes to discipline, are you going to slap yourself around when you are not putting in the effort into your business?

Not only that, you really have to sit down and think about what makes you so special when it comes to writing. Since there are throngs of freelancers and Internet marketing wannabes out there competing for the very jobs you are looking for.

Do you have a large enough skill set to make you stand out amongst the hoards of different people all seeking the same work as you?

Do you have the time management skills necessary to run your own freelancing operation or outsource to the right people as well as struggling to meet all of the deadlines set upon you by your clients?

If you have even the slightest doubt in your mind about all the commitments versus the security of not having a regular (and predictable) paycheck then maybe you might have to think twice whether this line of work is suitable for you. If you are still reading on at this point, good for you!

When you start out as a freelancer, you will probably have to take a few jobs that do not pay very well at all. However, that is fine because these jobs help you to develop your experience. Think of it as on the job training. You don’t become Michael Jordan overnight without being slapped around by others better than you.

You need to learn how to manage your time more effectively too! You have got to learn how to speed up your workflow and learn all about using a computer and the internet to search for answers to any questions that may pop up while you are doing work for your client.

The low paying jobs will probably last for awhile, as until you have assembled a massive list of satisfied clients, you can ride on your reputation and get better paying jobs.

Eventually though you will graduate into higher and higher paying jobs until you will find that you have practically doubled your current income!