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Joint Venture Marketing PLR Ebook

Joint Venture Marketing PLR Ebook
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You’ve probably read all sorts of posts and emails about the secrets of Joint Venture marketing. All of them offering up rosy visions that include you paired with the top Guru in your niche...

All of them claim it can easily happen… if you only do things the way they say.

It doesn’t matter whether you approach a top guru or someone less prominent (with a large list!) Your success in landing any JV partner depends, like everything else in your marketing career, on:

How driven you are

How confident you are

How creative you are

How “lucky” you are

How savvy and professional you are

But most of all, it depends on one other thing…

Knowing how to approach potential partners in a manner guaranteed to help them say “Yes.”

And this report is going to help you do just that.

What is a Joint Venture Partnership?

Just so we’re on the right page, let’s quickly run through how this works…

In the world of internet marketing, a JV (or “joint venture”) occurs when two separate internet marketers get together to promote one’s product.

There many variations, but ultimately two basic types of Joint Venture, as understood in internet marketing:

A partnership offer (both developing and launching the same product)

A promotion-based offer (your JV partner promotes your product to his list)

In offline marketing, joint ventures are not taken lightly. These can take months to negotiate and a legal contract is always drawn up, with each party’s responsibilities and rights laid out in black and white.

In internet marketing, however, there is usually no need for a contract unless you are actually developing a product together.

What’s The Big Advantage?

The truth is, in internet marketing, a joint venture can be (and usually is) as simple as having a well-respected marketer in your niche provide a review or testimonial.

It can be as simple as sending an email to several marketers and having them say: “Okay, that looks like a win-win situation…”

Or it can indeed take several months, if you’ve opted for a partnership, and you and Marketer B are busy planning the Big Launch for a hot new product that will have both your names on.

If you’re a new marketer, the simple promotional JV offer is by far the easiest to achieve. And it doesn’t matter whether your potential JV partner is someone you simply found on Google, who you had never heard of before today – or the most staggeringly well-known marketer in your target niche:

Present your offer properly, and you’ll make it easy for them to say: “Okay.”

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Approach them

1. “What risks and benefits can I anticipate?”

2. “What risks or benefits could my potential partner perceive?”

3. “What are my chances of making this a success?”

4. “How well have I researched the potential partner I want to approach?”

5. “Do I know how to give my JV proposal the best chance to succeed?”

6. “Will my product really benefit my potential partner’s niche market?”

If your sole reason for this Joint Venture rests on being told you should do it, or getting a sudden idea, or making quick cash, you will definitely need to rethink it. These things may be true – but you may actually not be ready for a JV yet – or you may not know that there’s one glaring condition guaranteed to make your JV offer flop on the spot.

So first, let’s change that situation, before picking our marketer and crafting our offer…