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Kindle Gold Rush PLR Ebook

Kindle Gold Rush PLR Ebook
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Chapter 5 - Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

Before you even start thinking about creating an account, you need to prepare yourself and set your expectations. Although being an eBook author is easier than being a novelist, you would need to keep in touch with reality to avoid frustration. Here are some of the things you need to be prepared for.

Income is not definite. You will definitely start small to build your reputation or make a name for yourself. This means you would have to wait over a period of time to get you to the popularity arena so you can start making money with your name alone. On the other hand, do not also forget to do your part. Be patient and take time to promote your book.

You will not get famous overnight. In the same way as novelists or other popular authors, the competition is high out there. You need to acknowledge that you are not alone in your field and all you have are your skills as a writer to show the world. Unless you can afford heavy publicity, you can definitely engage in advertising.

Time takes its time too. This is applicable in every aspect of publishing. Let things move gradually, and with patience and dedication you will soon get to the level of success you have been idealizing.

With these thoughts in mind, let us move on to the technicalities involved in Amazon Direct Publishing.

Chapter 7 - Getting It Right

While you are thoroughly excited at the prospect of getting your eBook published, you ought to do one important thing before you submit your work for publishing: proofreading.

Why is this important? It is because Amazon upholds the highest quality in terms of content. Readers will certainly be able to tell if something's wrong in the content or grammar aspect of your work.

This should cause you to be concerned. While you do not have an editor or a literary agent to do the editing tasks for you, you have time and yourself to make sure that your eBook is of the highest quality.

Below are some of the things that you should pay attention to in your work:

Cover Problems. Make sure that the cover is interesting enough to prompt the readers to buy. Apart from creating a striking title, you ought to make sure that the cover you use for your book best represents the contents. Most importantly, please make sure that you upload a cover that is clear. You'll find this funny but it happens: some people forget to include an eBook cover.

Duplicate Text. Avoid obvious redundancy by removing text that is seen twice in your content.

Image Quality. Pertains to clarity, you have to make sure that when you use images in your eBook, these have to be clear and the text part comprehensible. You would not want readers to express dissatisfaction for sub-par content.

Incorrect Content. Some authors happen to upload an incorrect file when publishing an eBook. Sometimes, the title or eBook description is inaccurate and is not at all related to the content of the eBook. Be aware of this mistake even before you submit your work for publishing because Amazon will remove your work from their sold items if this happens.

Format Issues. EBooks do not need to follow a standard format but you have to make sure that it resembles a book in print. This means that the text should not be forced-justified, that proper spacing is observed, that headings are accurate and are properly utilized, a table of contents is present, the page numbers are accurate, and that proper indentations are followed. Amazon Kindle offers a tool called Kindle Previewer that helps you see how your eBook looks in Kindle Reader.

Proper Links. Make sure that the links you place in your eBook are all correct and are not broken. It can cause important information to be missing from your eBook if readers are supposed to get the information from another source.

Missing Content. Any part of your eBook that is supposed to be there but is not is considered a missing content. This includes videos, audios, images, links, and text content that is not accessible, that is missing, or that is not working. If you are including a reference page, make sure that your sources are quoted properly in the body of your eBook.

Unsupported Characters. It is always beneficial to make sure that all of the characters you use in your eBook are supported by the Kindle platform. This contributes to readability and neatness. Sometimes, unsupported characters "mess" the page interface entirely, making your content totally unreadable.

Table Errors. Make sure that if it is necessary for you to use a table in your eBook, it is displayed as a whole. Note how important the information on tables is and it causes readers to complain if the most important part happens to be the one missing.

Typographical Errors. Typographical errors are common and can be corrected immediately. It is perhaps the easiest form of error you can spot because you can see them right away when you proofread your work.

Notice that all of the errors provided above pertain to checking whether every element in your eBook is properly done. With proofreading, you should be able to make.