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Level Up Your Life MRR Ebook

Level Up Your Life MRR Ebook
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Chapter 7: Keep Track Of Your Achievements

Aside from knowing what to do to achieve your dreams, it is equally important to keep track of them. This is how you can measure your success and there are popular ways to do it.

It is a good idea to start any project with a strategic plan on how to complete it. You have to go back to that plan during the course of the project to see if you are doing things right. It is an important element that will determine if you are still on track.

Once you complete the project, you have to make a summary about its major aspects and how such aspects contribute to reaching your goals. Make sure to write down as many aspects as there are. This is one way to monitor your achievements.

Another method is to write down all the recognition that you received for your achievements. Compile a folder of these notes and keep them. This is not only an effective way of keeping track of all your accomplishments, but it is also a good source of motivation when you feel lost and down.

All the acknowledgements that you have saved up will serve as proof of how great you were with your other projects and how capable you are to take on new challenges. Your compilation can easily become your portfolio, especially if you want to be an expert in your field.

Take an active role in joining community activities, internal committees, company boards, and representative bodies to give yourself the exposure that you needed. These will also add to your experience that can boost the confidence that you need to handle the changes that come with your desire to transform your life.

If you want to maintain a positive mindset, just look at your well-documented achievements. Tell yourself that if you were able to handle them before, you’ll be able to handle so much more in the future.

Achievement tracking will keep your capabilities in check. The more capabilities and experiences you know you have, the more confident you will feel that you can turn your life around and be the achiever that you dream to be.

Chapter 8: Making It Real With Visualizations

When people think about transforming their lives, plans usually include switching jobs, improving their health, building or rebuilding relationships, and boosting their finances, among other thoughts. Although thinking about these things is a good start towards making that change, it would be so much better if you act on these thoughts.

After thinking your plans and priorities through, visualize everything. This might not be easy at first, but you will eventually get used to it the more you do it. Visualization has long been a secret in reaching one’s goals, boosting one’s confidence, and enjoying life.

You can’t change your life as significantly as you’d like unless you change yourself from within. Make plans with a clear mind, so you can easily visualize your dreams the path that you have to take to get to those dreams.

It would be easier to focus on your goals if you visualize them. Create an image of your goals, how you are going to achieve them, and how doing so will affect your life. The stronger your desire to reach your goals, the more chances you will have of taking actions that will contribute to your ultimate success.

How To Achieve Your Goals Through Visualization

Visualizing your goals can be tough at first, but it would be easier if clear your mind and stay in a quiet place. It helps if you stay in a dark room, get rid of all sorts of distractions, like your phone, TV or computer, and choose a comfortable position.

You have to relax. Breathe in, breathe out slowly. Take your mind off your problems. Remove all your self-doubts. Just focus on your breathing.

Close your eyes and savor the feeling of being relaxed. Paint an image in your mind about your goal. You have to be honest and realistic about it. It is not practical to see yourself winning millions in the lottery. You have to be very specific about your vision to really focus on it, such as losing weight or getting a new job. Put in your desire to get to that goal and see yourself finally achieving it. This might take time, but with enough practice, visualization will come easy to you.

When visualizing, what’s more important is the goal in itself. During that moment, don’t think about the how’s and why’s related to that goal. You can answer these questions later. Over time, your mastery of visualizing your goals might allow you to set your goals even higher.

Make sure to pick at least one image in your mind’s eye every time you visualize. How will it feel to finally lose weight or doing your dream job? How can you tell if you have succeeded? Create an image of the celebration that you’ll do once you have reached that goal or the reward that you will give yourself afterwards.

After you have become an expert in visualization, you might be able to do it anywhere, even in a room that is not as quiet or as peaceful as your own room. Just make yourself comfortable and bring all your energy to your breathing. Relax. Start painting that image of finally succeeding, seeing a slimmer you or working in your new office. Take in that joyous feeling of celebrating your success for about 2 seconds. It would be even better if you can hold onto that feeling for up to 15 minutes.

If you become distracted and you can’t find your focus, regain your control by reminding yourself of your biggest goals and your strong intent to achieve them. It could be getting your dream job, losing weight, buying a new home, or getting a college degree. No matter what it is, just steer your focus back to that ultimate goal and visualize it.

Chapter 9: To Sum It All Up: Motivation And Achieving Ultimate Success

Transforming your life starts with determining your dreams and making a definite plan on how to achieve them. Make sure to set a clear and realistic end goal. It has to be achievable within the time frame that you set for it.

With every goal that you achieve, you will feel more and more confident as you continue with your journey in life.