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Leveraging The Kindle Book Marketplace MRR Ebook

Leveraging The Kindle Book Marketplace MRR Ebook
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Leveraging The Kindle Book Marketplace To Grow Your Business

Kindle provides an amazing opportunity to leverage the book marketplace to grow your business. It doesn’t even matter what type of business you have, becoming a published author can build your reputation as a knowledgeable professional faster than almost any other marketing activity you might choose to do.

Build Relationships

Whether you’ve already published or not, you need to focus on building relationships with others by using your website or blog, social media, and live events to help people get to know who you are and what you do. The more people know about you, the more they’re going to get to know you, like you and trust you.

- Website/Blog – Write directly to your audience about problems and issues you plan to address in your book(s). As you do, you can point to published work for more information, or you can use the questions and answers via discussions prompted by your posts to help you write your book.

- Social Media – You don’t have to be everywhere on social media. But, you do need to be where your audience is. Figure out which top three social media your audience uses on a daily basis and create a presence there. List your profession and include “author” in your profile. Always link to your books.

- Events – You can go to in person live events, as well as online live events. Webinars, Facebook Live, and other technology enable you to conduct interviews, explain hard concepts and more, easily. If you already have a book, remember to give away some signed books at the events to help people get excited.

Perception is 99 percent of the problem. If people see you as an expert, then they’ll trust you more and recommend you more.

Remember to build an audience that wants what you’re offering. It’s so much easier to give an audience what they want than it is to try to convince them of what they want. Therefore, your job while building these relationships, is to get to know them too so that you can solve their problems, answer their concerns, and show them your expertise.

When you’ve built a mutual relationship with your audience, you’ll learn about what to write about, plus they’ll happily buy what you publish and recommend it to their friends.

Create Your Manuscript

When you create a manuscript that you plan to use to help grow your business, it’s essential that you choose the right subject matter, understand how to format for Kindle, and that you consider hiring help. After all, when you are using your book to promote your business, the details matter a great deal. So, you want to get it right.

- Pick The Right Subject Matter – Your book should always be about whatever your audience needs it to be about. For example, if you have a food blog, the next step is usually to publish a recipe book. Even if you’ve already published the recipes on your blog, most people will still buy the book in order to have them easily available at their fingertips.

A good example of this accomplished successfully is High Carb Hannah from RawTillWhenever.com She uses her YouTube channel to build relationships with her audience, along with other social media and her website, and then when she published her books her audience was ready for them.

- Read Kindle Directions – This cannot be stressed enough that you should read the directions for Kindle publishing. Amazon does a great job giving you step-by-step directions on how to format your manuscript so that it looks the best. Plus, they will also explain the do’s and don’ts so that you can avoid problems down the line.

- Get an Editor – It’s really hard for a writer to edit their own words. Hire an editor that will at least check for grammar issues and typos. But, you can also hire editors that will fact check, help you word things in a better way and more.

- The Devils’ in the Details – Pay attention to the details of your book just like you would if you had a traditional publisher. Pay attention to the cover art, your book intro, and the table of contents and other inside information that is standard to most books. Try looking at other books to see what is standard.

When you are done with your book and publish it, it should look like any other professionally designed and written book. Just because you’re self-publishing doesn’t give you an excuse not to do top notch work. In fact, since this work is representing you and your business, you want it to be representative of your best work.

Publish Your Book

When you finish your book, you’ll need to choose how to publish your Kindle Book. You can publish it via regular KDP or KDP select. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these options.

When you publish via regular KDP, you can still publish your book elsewhere including on your website, via affiliate sites like Clickbank.com or JVZOO.com. But, if you use KDP Select, you promise exclusivity for 90 days for your book. This opens up some extra marketing features for you such as price cuts, the ability for readers to lend your book, and more.

The biggest thing to consider is whether or not you plan to promote your book in other avenues and on other platforms. If you do, choose KDP. If not, try KDP Select first. You can always cancel it after the first 90 days.

It’s really just another way to promote your book because of the lending feature. After all, the point is to get the book in front of as many eyes as possible in order to send the audience to get on your lists and buy other things from you. But, if you are already selling your book on other platforms, you can’t use it. It’s okay because you don’t need it to make your book a success and helping grow your business via publishing on Kindle.

Promote Your Book

Whether you publish on Kindle or not, promotion is necessary. Every author has to promote their books to get buyers. While you may get one or two buyers just by the virtue of having published them on Kindle, you usually will still need to promote if you want to become a best-selling author or you want to use the book to promote your business.