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Living A Stress Free Life Mrr Ebook

Living A Stress Free Life Mrr Ebook
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We are bombarded on a daily basis by the news of increased stress in our society and most of you are probably feeling stressed about something right now. There are many different definitions of stress and there are various different effects of stress as well. Most people would think that the definition of stress is one that is completely obvious, but many are actually unable to recognize when they are feeling stressed and that many ailments are actually caused by stress.

There are several reasons that a person may not realize they are stressed. One is that they have been stressed out for such a long period of time that they don’t event recognize it any more. For these people, stress has become a way of life that they are unable to shake. They have been stressed for so long that their bodies and minds have stopped trying to tell them that they are stressed. These people tend to adjust to the stress in their life and think that this is the way life is.

Stress also doesn’t come from one source. It can come from a variety of different sources in your life and your responses to situations may also increase or decrease your stress level. You may find that you handle stress differently than your friends and family as well. Situations such as heavy traffic may bring out the road rage in you, while your spouse stays calm and collected.

Because of these variances in stress causing factors, different people will have a different definition of what stress is. As you can see the definition of stress is not as easy you may think.