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Making Money With Affiliate Marketing MRR Ebook

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing MRR Ebook
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When people talk about making money with affiliate marketing, they think about signing up as a publisher and trying to get people to pay them for advertising on their sites. That's definitely one way to make money with affiliate marketing, but it's not the only way! You can make money with affiliate marketing as a publisher, an advertiser, or as an owner of an affiliate marketing network. You don't even have to limit the paths you take. You can try all three!


This path is the most downtrodden, but very few people explore all the potential to make money, even here. That's because most people are creatures of habit. They find one way to do something, and they never venture from that path, even when they find that the income isn't what they had hoped it would be. The fact is that if you limit yourself to just one advertiser, like Google, you won't be able to really explore the potential for affiliate marketing models that might work better with your niche audience.

So, while we are going to tell you that you can make money using Google Adsense, it's not the only advertising network out there. You can spend a lot of time trying to publish content that gets search engines to serve up high-prized ads on your site, and researching keywords to make campaigns that target high-paying ones. Or you can explore a few other places like Adbrite.com or independent affiliates at different affiliate banks who might give you a bigger return on your investment of time.

The key is not to join the biggest network out there, it's to understand your niche and your audience. To make money as a publisher of other people's affiliate offerings, your job is to match up your audiences wants and needs to the offerings that best meet them. So, you don't necessarily have to know a thing about keywords to get started being a publisher of affiliate offerings, but you do have to know what your audience will buy.

So, let's assume you have a website about winter sports. You can sign up for different affiliate programs that offer everything from winter sports equipment to exciting vacations at mountain resorts. All you have to do is locate those offers and publish them on your site and collect a commission. For that, you'll have to
probably join an affiliate bank so that you can find offers within your category and get started fairly quickly. We'll go over those a little later in this report.


Okay, now why would advertisers pay you to publish, if there wasn't money in it for themselves? Obviously, the returns can be a whole lot higher for the advertiser than the publisher, but most people don't figure that out when they think about making money with affiliate advertising. They think that affiliate advertising means they are the publishing affiliate partner, not the advertising partner.

Well, it can pay very well to be an affiliate advertiser who has created an affiliate program for their products and services. For one, you aren't paying a team of sales people to market your products without getting some results, whether it is more online exposure, a lead, or a sale. The best ways right now to make money for advertisers is to use a “cost-per-action” affiliate program that only pays publishers if a lead or a sale is completed. That way, you can measure the return on your investment in a quantifiable way.

For that, you will have to have enough credibility to be accepted into a CPA network and also enough upfront cash to pay for any fees associated with the program. While the returns for setting up an affiliate program as an advertiser are more than as a publisher, it also takes more money to start. So, that's why many people don't realize that there is money in advertising, otherwise, people wouldn't be doing it, but it does cost more to get off the ground.


Let's say you are very technically savvy, have quite a bit of money to invest, and want to make some good money? Why not develop your own affiliate network. You will have to get a site up and running, and hire people to maintain it and do customer service, but you will also get to charge advertisers a 20 to 30% transaction fee in some cases. Or, you can use a model that has them pay a setup and transaction fee. As long as you have the pull to bring in both advertisers and publishers, you can set up your own profitable network and just enroll people into your program. Set up tools to track the affiliates and reports to help optimize programs. Hire affiliate managers who can manage the accounts too. As long as your advertisers are making money, you'll make money from their enrollments too.


There are really only three things that are important, whether you are a publisher, an advertiser, or a network owner. The issue is how to successfully market some product or service online and for that you need to get the three following things to happen:

• High Level Of Traffic As a publisher, you will want high levels of traffic coming to your offerings and doing the action necessary to collect a commission. As an advertiser, you want high levels of traffic too, so that you can make leads and sales. As a network owner, the more traffic your members get, the better odds that they will succeed and you can keep charging enrollment fees.

• Hot Niches It doesn't matter how much traffic you get, if what you are selling isn't interesting to a large number of people. You want to exploit the hot niches that interest a wide number of people and are profitable for you. It makes no difference whether you are an advertiser, a publisher, or a network owner. You have to start with a large amount of demand in the market to make it worthwhile to invest the time and effort to advertise products and services in that niche.

• Matching Demographics So, now you know, you can't make money without traffic or a market demand. What if you have great traffic, a hot niche of products and services, and the people aren't buying? It's because the demographics of the traffic have to match the niche. Once you have a match, the formula of traffic plus demand plus interested buyer yields you a nice profit.