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Making Money With Hubpages MRR Ebook

Making Money With Hubpages MRR Ebook
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If you haven’t, you are missing out on a website that offers you the chance to make some serious money – if you know how to use it properly.

HubPages was often compared to Squidoo (now engulfed by HubPages), but while the two do have similarities, they are also very different in many ways. And if you know and understand what those differences are, you can look forward to making the most of HubPages.

That’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this report. We’ll be taking a look at the various ways you can use HubPages to make money and also how to use it to earn more from whatever business you may already have.

So let’s get started!


HubPages is a website that contains lots of different pages – or hubs – that have been created by ‘hubbers.’ That’s the name given to the members of the site, which you can join completely free of charge. That means it is a great place to get some free advertising, since you never have to pay for anything here, and hubs can pick up some good traffic if you put some work into them.

And the good news is that you can write about virtually anything you like. What that means is that there are lots of ways that you can make money from HubPages, as we’ll soon see.


If you know the answer to this, you will find it much easier to create great hubs that are enjoyed by lots of other people. And the answer isn’t a huge secret either!
The basis of each and every hub is information. Some hubs are created purely for enjoyment by their creators, but for our purposes, we want to know how to create a good hub that will also make us money.

Now the most common mistake that a lot of people make is to start trying to sell the minute they create a hub. It sounds like reverse psychology I know, but if you go in and start promoting something right from the start, you will turn people off. You might also get booted off the site for abusing it, so make sure you don’t just jump in and get started selling your products or services right away. Understand what you can and can’t do first.

Your number one aim should always be to help people. In fact, don’t think of your intended audience as potential customers at all! Figure out what they want to know about and make sure you give it to them. THEN, and only then, should you get your link in and make your sales pitch.

Good hubs are also well written and well organized. If you start browsing around the site, you will see that a good number of hubs have sub-headings in them. This helps to guide the eye down the page and makes the content easier and more pleasant to read. The same goes for bullet points and other ways of breaking up your content.

You might wonder why all this is necessary. Well, the easier you make it for people to read and digest your content, the more likely they are to stick with it until the end. And that means there is a greater chance that they will buy something or click through to your website as a result.

You should think of a hub as being an article. Many people actually do write their hubs offline as an article in Notepad and then transfer it to HubPages to publish it. Don’t write less than 500 words if you want to write something that is worth reading. Many hubs are a lot longer.


If you take a look at any hub on HubPages, you will notice that the author has an info box on the right hand side. This will tell you what their score is (i.e. how popular they are), how many hubs they have made, and most importantly, how many fans they have.

You need to do just one thing to start building a fan base of your own and that’s to build great hubs on a regular basis. The more you can build, the better, but even one or two a week will start to get your name known around the site.

What’s more, once someone becomes your fan, they can receive an email notification every time you publish a new hub. That means more instant traffic for you and an even better chance of making money.

HubPages also has a forum that you can become a part of. Participating here is another great way of becoming better known on the site. People will see your name popping up and they will be curious to see what hubs you have written. And of course, the more experience you get, the better known and the better regarded you will be.

In short, the more you interact with the website, the better your chances are of becoming a recognizable and well-respected force on HubPages.


Okay, so let’s start to explore how you can make money with this website. There are two ways to do it; the way I am about to show you is the most basic way that you can get started with straightaway. This applies even if you don’t have your own business or you aren’t involved with any affiliate programs.

When you have an account with HubPages and you have signed in, you will see a number of options along the top of the page. Click on ‘My Account’ and wait for the next page to load.

When it does, you’ll see a gray box on the right-hand side. There is an option in there under the ‘Your Account’ heading called “Affiliate Settings.” This will reveal that there are four built-in ways to earn money directly from your hubs.