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Mastering Marketing Psychology Personal Use Ebook

Mastering Marketing Psychology Personal Use Ebook
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Who doesn't like to be seen wearing or using the latest cool device or fashion? Most people do, that's for sure. When buyers view your products as "cool" or the "in thing" they will almost buy everything that you produce. So how can you put your customers into this frame of mind?

By being seen as a likable business or company. You can achieve this with how your treat your customers and how your present your products.

What this entails is how you position your company to your potential target market. You want to keep your customers coming back to you again and again.

Think about what your favorite restaurants are or which stores you go to without even thinking about it. Why is this? Is it because their customer service is impeccable, you just love their products, or because the staff smile and acknowledge you when you walk through the door?

People love to feel special and to be remembered, so you need to find some way to encompass this into your marketing methods. What can you do for your customers to make them like you even more?

Making your customers feel special can be as easy as sending them a quick thank you note once in a while. How about creating a birthday list and sending them a card or wishing them a happy birthday on their Facebook wall.

You don't have to always spend money on your customers to make them like you. Look at different areas of your business and see if it is lacking in some area. Would you say your products are up to date? If they have become a little outdated maybe now is the time for a makeover?

One key place to start with is your Customer Service or Help Desk. This is often an area that is overlooked. If you don't have a help desk or a way for your customers to contact you then set this up immediately.

Once set up it is important to actually check and respond to your support tickets in a timely fashion. Excelling with customer service is a sure fire way to reach that likeable status quickly.

Of course just being personable and friendly in all your business endeavours will place you in a favorable light with your customers. People are happy to purchase from a place where they are treated nicely. This is something that you should already be doing anyway, just ramp it up a little bit. But don't lose your sincerity otherwise your customers will see right through you.


Do you attach much importance to why people buy? Have you sat down and thought about what makes you want to purchase a certain product? Most people haven't thought about this at all. Yet if you run any type of business you really should learn the basics behind the psychology of what makes someone buy a particular product.

We are not talking about tricking people into doing something. But strategically placing knowledge in such a way that the person decides that they really do want to purchase this item.

To do this effectively you need to begin with creating quality content. Whether this is a giveaway book, an instructional video, or advertising material. It all needs to be highly informative and be the best quality that you can produce.

If you take the time to learn the basic principles behind why people make a purchase you can take your business and your income to new levels. By targeting the correct information to the right individuals you help them make an informed decision. One that will normally go in your favor.

You have most likely experienced this yourself. Say for example you wanted to purchase a new laptop. You have been thinking about it for a while, so the idea is already in your head. Then along comes a fantastic, targeted advertising campaign that makes you take note. Of course you are going to look into this product in more depth. You had the idea but had not taken action yet. This campaign provided you with the steps to help you take action. The outcome is you made a purchase.

Now for you as the marketer, you want to be the person who delivers this material to the right people. Are you starting to understand how this will increase your sales and profit margins?

The basics of psychology include using subtle things such as social proof, attracting loyal customers by giving them something for free first. Another way to get people to buy your products is by setting yourself up as an authority figure. People are more tempted to by products or services that are written or produced by a so called "expert".

When you apply certain tactics and principles to your advertising material and your sales pages you may be surprised at how your business flourishes. This all begins with learning how to produce quality content first, backed up by a quality sales pitch.


Social proof means believing in what you see and hear around you and following suit. For example, if someone is raving about a certain product you will be tempted to look at it with a view to purchasing it as well. As a business owner you want to take this concept and apply it to your products.

Another way to look at social proof is by having the attitude of "if they can do it, so I can". If they can afford to have an iPhone then why not me?

One simple way to employ this concept for your business is by using social sharing buttons on your blog. If you display the number of shares your post has been liked or Tweeted, you will find that others will share your post too. Again, they are just following the lead of the person that went before them.