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Maximize Your Adsense PLR Ebook

Maximize Your Adsense PLR Ebook
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Maximize YOUR AdSense CTR


The purpose of this ebook to is to help you increase your revenue from click-thrus using Google AdSense. Following the steps outlines will help you optimize your websites to give you the best possible moneymaking strategies.

Although I cannot guarantee how much money you will make using Google AdSense, I can tell you that the steps outlined in this document have been tested on over 50 Traffic Equalizer websites and produce excellent hassle-free income each and every day of the week!

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Five Keys to Maximizing Revenue With Google AdSense

1. Earn more money with every click but at the same time maintain relevance with the ads displayed on your pages.

2. Have lots of pages that display AdWords.

3. Maximize the number of visitors to your website that view more than one page displaying AdWords.

4. Improve the “click-thru” rate of your website.

5. Increase the traffic to your website.

Steps to Increasing Click-Thrus With Google AdSense

Step 1 – Apply and Comply

Having a website can generate revenue for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Google AdSense is a free program that has an advertising revenue especially designed to help websites like yours to increase their revenue simply by displaying AdWords ads.

You can apply online at: http://www.google.com/adsense

Apply to Google to have your website reviewed. Each page on your website must be content rich on various topics. These pages should all be centered around a theme which Google will use to target relevant ads to your website.

Once you have applied, Google will require you to reply to an email to confirm that you have actually applied. In about 2 –3 days, Google will inform you of the review of your website and whether or not it has been accepted or rejected.

Google will set up an account for you and provide you with the HTML code you need for displaying ads. Insert the HTML code into the pages on your websites and you can start displaying ads immediately.

Google search and page-ranking technology will search for ads that are relevant to your content pages. This technology matches the primary language of your pages and ads are targeted to your specific geographic location. This means that ads that serve users from Canada, for example, will not be the same ads that appear on your website for users in Australia. This ‘geotargeting’ by Google makes the ads relevant to all the visitors to your website and it also means that you may not see all of the ads that are targeted to your website. You do not have to be technologically literate to display AdSense ads on your web pages. Google does it all for you. All you have to do is insert the HTML code and maintain the website.

It may take a few hours before the ads do appear on your web pages. At first, you may see public service ads appearing and you do not get paid for these.

If your website is accepted, Google requires you to comply with their program policies:

• AdSense accounts cannot be transferred, reassigned or sold in connection with your website.

• You can place multiple ads on each page, but these cannot be in common with each other. The content of the page must not obscure the ad and both the ad text and the URL must be visible.

• If you are using Alternate Ads, you cannot specify Google as your alternate ads.

• AdSense ads cannot be pasted into any software application.

• You cannot modify the AdSense ads or serch boxes before pasting them into your web pages.

• Affiliate or limited text links are not permitted in areas such as MP3, Video , Newsgroups and Image Results cannot be shown because of copyright

• Visitors cannot be required to download a dialler in order to view the content of your website.

• You cannot use any incentives to get users to click on any ads.

• Ads cannot be used in any unsupported language.

• Fraudulent clicks or clicking on your own ads are prohibited.

• Your website cannot contain any profanity, prejudicial language, information about hacking, illicit drugs, pornography, gambling or any other material that infringes on the rights of others.

• Your website must not contain any broken links and must be easily navigable.

• You must respond adequately to requests for support and enquiries made through your website.