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Mighty Mind MRR Ebook

Mighty Mind MRR Ebook
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It Starts With Your Mind

If you have an „internal locus of control?, then that means that you recognize just how responsible you are for the quality of your life and your accomplishments. Many people have a tendency to blame others, to blame circumstances, or to make excuses when things don?t go their way. Why aren?t you happy? It?s because you had a hard childhood! Why aren?t you rich? It?s because you weren?t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or because you lost your job due to lay-offs.

Making excuses is easy but it doesn?t get anywhere. The reality is that people have dug themselves out of holes much deeper than the one you?re in right now – I don?t care who you are – and they have come out richer, happier and stronger.

So, what is the all-important ingredient? It?s you.

And more specifically, it?s your mind. Your mind is where everything else comes from. Your beliefs, your focus, your concentration, your mood – all of that. What?s more, is that where your mind leads, your body follows.

If you are low on energy, then you might be inclined to think that it?s time to make changes to your diet or to your training regime. In all likelihood though, it is your mind that needs fixing first.

Everything in life is dependent on numerous other factors. Whether you?re talking about relationships, about your career or about your financial situation. How can you find your dream job when you don?t have the option to leave your current job? When you?re so broke?

And how can you stop being broke when you are so badly in debt?

But change has to start somewhere. And it starts with you. It starts with your mind.
A better job, starts with the mind.
A better relationships, starts with the mind.
A better LIFE, starts with the mind!
Here?s a little saying to keep in mind:
The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it!

Time to Change Your Mind

This is all very good and well, but how exactly do you go about changing your mindset? How do you take back control, reclaim your happiness and start living a fulfilling and inspiring life again?

The thing to do is to diagnose the problem. What exactly is wrong with your mind to begin with? And how can you fix those issues?

Well, not to alarm you, but there?s probably a lot wrong with your mind. Don?t worry though: it?s fairly common and it?s very much a sign of the times.

I can guess that you aren?t completely happy with where you are right now. Maybe you don?t like who you are right now. I know this because you?re reading this book.

If what you?re doing right now is working for you then great! But if it?s not, or if it could be working better, then something needs to change.

Here are some starting points that can help you see precisely what you might need to change.

#1 Responsibility

The first problem that many of us have is that we don?t take responsibility for our actions and we don?t want to take responsibility for our actions.

Now we all know people who don?t like taking responsibility – they will blame others and they will make excuses for what they?ve done. These are the people with the external locusts of control that we have already discussed.

But while this might seem like an irritating problem for people around them, the reality is that this is a much deeper issue that affects them more than it does anyone else.

Because a completely refusal to accept responsibility means that you also reject your own autonomy and your control. If you believe that nothing is your fault, then you also really can?t take credit for anything that goes well. Moreover, it means that you don?t have any power over your life and it means that you can?t choose to change things.

It?s not up to you, it?s up to chance!

It gets worse too. If you are too used to avoiding responsibility, then chances are that you will avoid taking responsibility for other things in your life too. That means you?ll avoid making commitments to people, which might make you feel „free? but ultimately means you get left behind as those around you settle down into relationships and find fulfilling careers.

It means you?ll put yourself forward for fewer tasks in the work place – at least those tasks that have any major consequences. And if you aren?t responsible for large amounts of money, then you can?t expect to get paid large amounts of money either.

Being afraid of responsibility will even make you less impressive, decisive and confident in a day-to-day scenario. When someone asks you to make a decision, you won?t want to because you won?t want to be responsible for what happens if you get it wrong.