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Mobile Marketing Guide PLR Ebook

Mobile Marketing Guide PLR Ebook
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If you’re looking to skyrocket sales, connect with your target audience, and send an endless surge of highly-targeted traffic to your website, you must tap into the power of mobile marketing.

The number of mobile shoppers is at an all-time high, and it’ll only continue to grow over the next few years. With more people using their mobile devices to interact online, conduct business and complete purchases, it’s crucial that you build a business that is both mobile-friendly, and engages the busy, on the go shopper.

In fact, according to Salesforce.com, 5 percent of all digital retail traffic flows through social channels, such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram!

Consider what this could mean for your business. You could easily double, maybe even triple your sales just by tapping into the ever-growing market of mobile shoppers.

This special report reveals the insider strategies to creating high converting marketing campaigns on some of the leading social platforms so that you can get your message in front of thousands of potential customers.

I’ll also show you how to join the ranks of successful ecommerce websites who have utilized apps in order to maximize sales and build brand loyalty faster and easier than they ever thought possible.

So, without further delay, let’s get started!

What is Mobile Marketing?

Let’s start with a quick definition of exactly what mobile marketing is:

Quite simply, mobile marketing is the concept of developing marketing campaigns that appeal specifically to mobile device users.

This could include everything from the structure of your website, and how it allows mobile visitors to interact and connect with your products, but it also could comprise of ad campaigns that are primarily designed to attract mobile shoppers.

The future of mobile marketing is here, and if you’re not working to implement some sort of mobile marketing strategy into your business, you’re missing out on a massive segment of your market.

According to Marketing Land, nearly 40% of Internet time each day is spent on mobile devices, while more than 70% browse more web pages on tablets rather than smartphones.

And while a few years ago, most people would connect to social media sites using desktop computers or laptops, these days most users use the available apps, such as the one Facebook, Skype and Twitter.

The same goes for retail-based apps such as, Amazon and Ebay, just to name a few.

In the next chapter, we’ll look at some of the ways people have been successful with mobile marketing campaigns and how you can follow their lead.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

There are many ways you can implement mobile marketing into your business strategy so that you’re able to broaden your outreach and connect with a larger segment of your market.

Here are a few ways to get started:

QR Codes:

QR Codes are scanned by recipients using their smartphones. Once scanned, users are then directed to a specific website, landing page or offer. You can feature QR codes on business cards, flyers, in direct mail packages, or even postcards, just to give you a few ideas! Create your QR codes here: https://www.qrstuff.com/

Location-based marketing:

This is a direct marketing strategy in which specific ads appear based on a user’s current location.

For example, restaurants can take advantage of location-based marketing by having their place of business featured whenever a potential patron is within a couple miles from their business.

In-app Marketing:

With services like AdMob by Google, you can easily promote your website’s app inside of other popular apps to generate more brand awareness, increase clicks and maximize revenue.

Check it out here: https://www.google.com/admob/platform.html

In-game Marketing:

Have you ever played a game and suddenly an advertisement appears that you must watch before you can continue to play? This is in-game marketing, and it’s one of the most effective ways to get your message in front of potential customers without having to spend a fortune in advertising. You can take a closer look by visiting in-game advertising agencies including: https://www.rapidfire.com/

SMS Marketing:

This strategy involves capturing a user’s phone number so that you can send them text-based offers. According to Mitek, over 80% of Millennials revealed that their phone is the first thing they check each day, SMS marketing can be a very effective technique at getting attention and maximizing exposure.

In fact, compared to email campaigns that can sit in a users inbox for days (or worse, caught in a spam filter and never seen), with SMS, you’re able to get your message seen almost immediately after they’ve been delivered.

In addition, with SMS marketing you’re able to interact in a far more effective way by gaining valuable feedback from recipients as well as tracking response rates.

Here are a few SMS marketing platforms to consider:


Creating an App For Your Business

According to Bizrate Insights, over 45% of all U.S. shoppers make purchases via the use of retail apps, at least once a month.

Think about how many apps you may personally use, such as EBay, Amazon, Walmart or Groupon. These companies utilize apps to encourage sales and build customer loyalty. Chances are, you’ve likely made at least one purchase using an app in the past few months.

And according to Criteo Inc, app-based shoppers are three times more likely to make a purchase after viewing a product detail page than even mobile web shoppers!

In the world of e-commerce, apps are certainly changing the landscape of online shopping.