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Mobile Marketing Technology Personal Use Ebook

Mobile Marketing Technology Personal Use Ebook
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Smartphones and Tablets Remove Barriers to Mobile Marketing

Less than a decade ago, the promise of mobile marketing was mostly hype. Small screens, underpowered phones and lack of a mobile ecommerce infrastructure (and no corresponding consumer behavior) meant that people simply weren’t ready to be marketed to through their phones. We used our phones for talking and texting, and that was about it.

But the smartphones of today and the growing numbers of tablets are significantly more powerful, and let users do almost anything they’d do on their home computers.

Mobile Technology is Replacing the Television and the Radio

Rather than listen to the radio, more and more users are logging into Pandora or Spotify for music. Case in point; most new automobiles these days come with iPod and iPhone connectivity options. And rather than watch movies and shows on television, more users are visiting network websites, Netflix and Hulu to watch programs on their own schedules. As these behaviors become more entrenched, marketers will need to come up with new and effective ways to get their messages in front of potential customers.

The Most Valuable Demographics are Mobile the Most

For many businesses, the most valuable demographic of potential customer is one who is young and educated and has disposable income. This demographic aligns almost perfectly with those who spend the most time on their iPads and smartphones. As a result, companies that want to get their messages in front of these individuals now have a straightforward way to do so. But don’t be discouraged if your target market is older individuals - this demographic is currently experiencing some of the fastest growth rates in mobile device usage.

Mobile Marketing can be Very Cost Effective

Marketing to potential customers through mobile devices still requires creativity, planning and skillful execution, but in many cases this can all be done for less money than it would take to do through traditional media outlets. Being able to target potential customers more precisely, and to present your message only to those who you believe are the most likely to follow through and buy your products and services, means that your marketing dollars are spent more effectively.