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Mobile Marketing Trends And Small Businesses MRR Ebook With Audio

Mobile Marketing Trends And Small Businesses MRR Ebook With Audio
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Chapter 8: Mobile Marketing and Viral Communication

Viral communication is used for marketing purposes. This type of communication makes use of the existing social networks to help organizations and marketers achieve their marketing objectives. Marketing via viral communication began when people started using emails to share their ideas with others. Viral communication can be used for marketing purposes using different types of promotional methods like text messages, video clips, images, interactive games etc.

Mobile marketing using viral communication can be achieved using text messages. In other words, when it comes to viral marketing using mobiles, text messages are the most important tools.

There are several reasons as to why text messages play a significant role in viral communication for mobile marketing. One of the main reasons is that all mobile users make use of text messages. Also it has been reported that most mobile users read the text messages and respond to them. Another reason is that mobile users make use of mobiles for almost all purposes, be it for searching the internet or for sharing content. This makes the marketers target a larger number of customers by placing their advertisements and promotional strategies in the form of messages on the internet pages that people access using their mobile devices.

When mobile marketing is carried out using viral communication, it is very cost effective. Sending messages not only involves low costs but also ensures that there is a good response from customers in a short time period. This helps the marketers to get high returns on investments made.

However, before making use of viral communication for mobile marketing, it is very important to develop an effective marketing strategy. The marketing strategy for mobile marketing must be such that customers feel compelled to buy the products and services marketed. When designing messages in the marketing strategy, it becomes very important that the viral messages are short and simple. This makes the transmission of messages over the social networks and mobile devices very easy. In addition, messages get transmitted without degradation.

Also when developing a viral communication mobile marketing strategy, it must be ensured that marketers make use of the existing communication and social networks. This helps the marketers to spread their messages quickly and to a larger number of people. Also one must take advantage of other’s resources to be successful in viral communication mobile marketing. This is perhaps the best way of relaying the marketing message to customers.