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Money Tips For Students MRR Ebook

Money Tips For Students MRR Ebook
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Chapter 6: Track Your Spending on a Diary/Spreadsheet


One of the keys to enjoy savings while studying is by tracking your spending using a spreadsheet or a diary. With this, monitoring your expenses will never be tough for you. Also, tracking your spending on a spreadsheet or diary can also let you review the things you have spent or purchased. Tracking your spending is now made easy. Depending on your preferences, you can make use of your laptop or any device. You may also take note of your spending on your diary.

How to Track Your Spending

Tracking your spending is not a hard thing to do. In fact, it is very simple. The only thing you need is a diary, pen or your personal laptop if you will use spreadsheet. Once they are ready, the next thing you should do is to list down your daily expenses. You can plan ahead if you want. By writing down your spending in advance, you can easily track down everything. Also, you will know your limitations as you have already budgeted your money.

When tracking your spending on a diary or spreadsheet, you should always remind yourself to list down everything you have spent. No matter how much you have purchased, it is wise to write down what you have spent.

The reason behind it is that this can let you monitor if you have successfully budgeted your money or you have already purchased something that cost more than what you have budgeted.

Tracking everything you have spent maybe a boring job for every student. But, if you really want to save money, then you should start tracking your spending. Besides, this is not something that will consume too much of your time. The best time to track your expenses is after you have purchased what you need or require.

Chapter 7: Make Some Extra Cash Online


With today’s advancement of technology, making some extra cash online is now made much easier and possible. If you think your budget is not enough and you don’t want to add up your debts, you may consider making some extra cash online. With this, you will avoid borrowing money and you can get rid of debts.

Ways to Make Some Cash Online

If you want extra income while studying, there are ways to make some cash over the internet. Some of them are:

Consider Paid Services

At present, there are companies that can pay you for doing something. If you can make surveys, you can earn some money from it. However, make sure that your chosen company is reliable and won’t require you any upfront payment. There are other paid services that you can consider online. All you need is to seek for some.

Sell Products Online

If you have passion in selling products, you can launch your own website and offer products. Launching your own website does not mean to pay for hosting or anything that would let you reach your targeted audience. You can try the free blogging platform like WordPress. Or, you can make a page on your Facebook account where you can feature your offered products. You may also try other social media sites.

Be a Freelance

Whether you are fond of writing or designing websites, you can now enjoy the freelance world. You can be a freelance writer or web designer. There are several companies and websites that hire freelance. If you want to make the most of your skills, then you should not dare to miss being freelance. This will give you the chance to make some cash while improving your skills. However, when searching for a company or website, make sure that they are reputable or reliable. The reason behind it is that there are some websites that will just use your skills for scams. So, be careful when choosing one. If you don’t have any idea on which to consider, ask for some assistance from your friends or other people you knew.

There are other ways to make some cash online. It all depends on how you will take advantage of these opportunities. However, when making extra cash online, never forget your studies. You still need to focus on your education while you are earning. With this, you can make cash while acquiring the best education, which could lead you to your future.

Chapter 8: Opt for Part Time Job After Classes


Free time maybe most favorite part of every student. However, if you want to save some of your expenses, you may consider part time job after classes. This will help you earn money and will also let you make the most of your free time. So, if you don’t want to waste your time and earn some cash, opt for part time jobs.

Making the most of your free time by considering part-time jobs is never been a bad idea. This can give you many benefits in the long run and can also make you a better student. But, how you can seek for part-time jobs?

Making the Most of Your Free Time by Considering Part-Time Jobs

There are various options you may consider when it comes to part-time jobs. You can search locally or online. One of the known part-time jobs considered by most students is by applying for a crew in a particular restaurant or stores. There are tons of food chains and restaurants that accept part-timers. You can shop around in your local area. For some, this can be embarrassing, but once you have received the fruit of your effort, you will be more inspired to study and take it seriously.

There are other options you may take for consideration. You can look online as there are also websites or companies who seek for part-timers. If you can opt for part-time jobs online, you schedule is much flexible, but since you need to concentrate on your studies. You should do your obligations after classes in order for you to avoid any inconvenience. But, one of the things you should take note is the reputation and reliability of the company you’re working with. Through this, you will be able to avoid those that will not pay your services. So, if this is your first time, consider shopping around all the time to deal with a good company.