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More Time More Money Mrr Ebook

More Time More Money Mrr Ebook
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Plan out your meals at least a week ahead and create your grocery list based on the menu plan.

This will not only save you time, stress and money, it also makes it supremely easier to stick to healthier diets instead of succumbing to fastfood and processed products.

Step away from your computer.

The online world has open up a virtual place teeming with distractions. In order to increase your productivity, try to do most of your work offline.

If you are fond of watching TV, invest in Tivo.

Consider using DVR or Tivo to effectively cut down one hour television show down to 40 minutes.

Choose to auto-pay your bills.

Through making use of an automated system, you will save time processing payments and going to payment centers. In addition, you also eliminate those late fees as well as increased interest rates for missed payments.

Learn important keyboard shortcuts.

Knowing shortcuts will save you a considerable amount of time, so try to learn shorter keyboard commands, such as Ctrl +S to save, etc. This is especially useful if your work requires you to work on a computer on a regular basis.

Choose to get up earlier.

Going about your chores while everyone else is asleep and the house is still quiet will cut down work in a fraction of the time you usually spend. This is a very practical solution if you have small children running around, which makes it almost impossible to conduct a decent cleanup.

Choose to shop online whenever it's possible.

Instead of going through racks upon racks of clothing, shoes, or any other consumer items, by opting to shop online, you can cut down shopping time, gas expense, and curb impulse buying. This is especially helpful and a practical option during the holidays. If you don't exactly relish the thought of joining the rest of a few hundred other shoppers, then do your shopping online.

Invest in speeding up your Internet by getting broadband connection.

If your work and productivity greatly relies on your access to the internet, then it’s only feasible that you ensure you have a stable, reliable connection.

Work on improving your typing speed.

Whether it’s writing an email or an article or just about any other task that requires encoding, you can save a significant amount of time by increasing your typing speed.

Get Caller ID so you can avoid those unnecessary phone time.

Avoid calls that are not particularly important and prevent these from distracting you from you work.