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Muscle Building 101 MRR Ebook

Muscle Building 101 MRR Ebook
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Introduction – Why Is It S- Hard T- Build Muscle?

Hell- and welcome t- our short, introductory guide on the building blocks of muscle building and increasing strength.

If you’re like many people, myself included, you have a hard time building muscle. You’ve tried every supplement and muscle-building workout routine that promised big, fast gains, but you’re still just as scrawny as the day you decided t- start building muscle.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Building muscle is hard, and it’s something many people struggle with.

There are a few reasons why it’s s- hard t- build muscle. The first thing that most people d- wrong is approach it with the wrong mindset. T- put things shortly, in order t- build muscle like you want, you need t- create a muscle-building lifestyle and really get your head in the game. At that point, muscle-building becomes something more than what you d- when you g- t- the gym.

The other reasons people have a hard time building muscle is that they don’t have the right diet and they’re not doing the right exercises.

What you put int- your body will have a huge impact on what your body is able t- do, which is why diet is such a vital part of muscle-building. The right exercises, on the other hand, will properly impact the muscles in such a way that they will gain like you want them to.

The good news is that even if you have n- muscle at all right now, you can gain the muscle you want by starting your foundation off with the advice found in this very book, then moving ont- more advanced theory and programs depending on your individual goals.

Keep reading t- find out everything you need t- know t- get started with muscle building s- you can finally have the muscles and body that you want. If you’re willing t- put in the work, anything is possible!

Let’s dive in…

Chapter 1 – My Current Situation

The first thing you want t- d- before starting any type of exercise routine is an evaluation of your current physical state. While there is quite a bit of self-assessment that will g- int- this, you should als- pay a visit t- your doctor before you start on your muscle-building journey.

Why Visit the Doctor?

Visiting your doctor for a health assessment before starting a new exercise routine is important for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, your doctor will be able t- tell you if you physically capable of doing what you are setting out t- do. There are some medical conditions that may require you t- d- modified strength-training exercises and your doctor can help direct you in this.

The other reason you’ll want t- check with your doctor before you begin is if you are planning on taking any supplements. While the vast majority of protein supplements are perfectly safe, there are some types of supplements that could interfere with medication or medical conditions, s- you’ll want t- double check with your doctor before starting any supplements.

Self-Evaluation Checklist

As you get ready t- start building muscle, you’ll need t- self-evaluate your physical state. This will help you know how far you’ve come when you re-evaluate every week or month. Without this baseline, it would be hard t- know if you’ve actually gotten bigger muscles or improved your muscle-to-fat ratio, s- be sure t- get as accurate of numbers as possible.

Here is a checklist of everything you will want t- get for a baseline before you begin:

- Body weight
- Body fat percentage
- Biceps measurement
- Triceps measurement
- Quadriceps measurement
- Calves measurement
- Waist measurement
- Chest measurement
- Bust measurement (for women only)
- Neck measurement
- Number of push-ups done
- Number of crunches done
- 1RM for every exercise

1RM stands for one repetition maximum. This refers t- the maximum amount of weight that you are able t- lift with just one lift. Because lifting the maximum amount is dangerous, you should instead calculate your 1RM by doing several repetitions with a weight you’re more comfortable with, then use an online calculator t- find out this number.

Be sure t- keep the list of these measurements somewhere that you can refer t- often as you re-evaluate t- make sure that you’re on track with your goals. It will als- help t- keep these handy when you are setting goals for yourself, s- you know how high t- set the bar for yourself based on where you are now.

Now that we’ve set a path towards muscle building and assessed our current situation the next thing t- get in order is our mind…or mindset t- be a bit more precise, which is what we will cover in the next part.