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No Cost Online Marketing MRR Ebook

No Cost Online Marketing MRR Ebook
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Important Things To Avoid

You might be tempted to try any number of free ways to get more attention and more traffic to your website. That’s understandable – after all you want to make sure that your website is seen by the right target audience.

But don’t let that tempt you into trying anything and everything without considering the consequences first.

For example, link farms are a definite no no. They basically exist just to provide links to peoples’ websites, and Google has taken to frowning on them as a result. That means you won’t get any benefit from being listed with any of these link farms, and you might actually do your website some damage as well, as far as its reputation is concerned.

Another method that a lot of new Internet marketers do involves traffic exchanges. Now I am not dismissing these entirely, but you need to know exactly why you are using them if you want to go down this route.

A lot of people put their website home page address on there and surf for hours to get credits. These credits are then turned into visitors to your own website. But how many of those visitors have any interest in what you are showing them? In truth, the only reason they are looking at your website is because they want to view sites in order to earn credits and get their own websites seen.

Do you see how it works? You might be getting visitors, but they won’t be the people you want.

The only people who really use these sites are other Internet marketers. That means that unless you have something that is relevant to that market, you are better off devoting your time to some of the methods I have shown you above. It can take quite a while earning enough credits to really make a difference to your traffic levels anyway… and once they run out, you are back to square one again, with no traffic at all.

This is very different to the other methods you now know about, such as creating pages on Hubpages, writing articles and press releases, and using those social networking sites. Once you have put these into motion you can reap the rewards from them even when you aren’t actively working at developing them any further. All of the methods I have shown you can be targeted to your specific audience. There is no point going for free marketing opportunities online that send your message out to the world at large. You might reach a lot of people – but a lot of those people simply won’t be interested in what you have to tell them. So always make sure you evaluate any future free marketing opportunity you come across before you dive