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Offline Riches For Internet Marketers MRR Ebook

Offline Riches For Internet Marketers MRR Ebook
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Up until now, you may have concentrated on building your Internet marketing skills and income online. However, you may be ignoring a valuable segment of the market for your skills – the offline businesses that need your help. That's right; there are plenty of mom-and-pop businesses that are struggling to make it in this recession and would love to know how to cut costs and gain wider market exposure, but they have no clue on how to do that online! As you well know, where there's a demand for a solution, there's a way to make riches. All you have to do is to understand how to educate offline business owners in what they're missing and to create solutions that meet those needs.


At first, when you first approach offline business owners, the first thing out of their mouths will be, ”I already have a website.” While that may well be true, they aren't understanding the basic difference between owning a static website that just sits there getting stale and having a Web presence that is alive and bringing in new customers on a regular basis. You can bet that the majority of business owners don't understand how the Internet can work for them, other than as an advertising medium. They think it's like a business card or a billboard. They don't understand that a fully functioning Internet marketing program doesn't just advertise; it brings in traffic and customers and should save them on their offline operating costs as well. Don't be surprised if you come up with a little resistance at first, but you are going to have some ready answers to help business owners understand why they need your help and why now is the best time to get a flourishing online presence for their businesses.


The bottom line for most business owners is, what's in it for them. What can they do with your help and why is it of benefit to them? There's really only two major goals in business: to increase income and to reduce expenses. If you can show them how to save on printing costs using online coupons or increase income from identifying new customers, they will want to hear more. Advertising is something that has changed too, and they may not know that they can reach a wider audience online with new forms of advertising and sales campaigns than they could ever hope to do offline. Use your expertise to sell products that help offline business
owners succeed, and you will have a steady stream of customers lined up at your door.


If you hate sales and think the idea of selling your services to brick-and-mortar stores sounds unpleasant, think again. You don't have to do any cold calling or even in-person sales to get this to work. You do have to implement some offline strategies to get offline attention. It's not the same thing as putting up a sales page and then promoting it online. Your potential customers, after all, are all offline; that's what causes them to be in need of your services. It means that you might have to implement some direct sales marketing in the form of an offline sales letter, and then, depending on the service you're selling, you can do an in-person consultation or direct them to an online area.


If you're tech-savvy and can offer a package that includes a website, some press releases, online coupons, a blog set-up, and some advertising and marketing exposure, you might be able to offer a full-service package without ever getting out of your computer chair. You will have to spend money on advertising that package in offline areas where business owners can spot it and can find out where to order it. That might be in trade magazines or local newspapers. In this model, it's going to take a bit of upfront work and money to get your package noticed. Once it starts selling, you can devote your time to other things.


If you're selling consulting services, odds are that you will have to do some face-to-face selling. Business owners will want to shake your hand and find out whether they can trust you. If you are going over their business processes and advising them on how to change them so that they can cut their expenses or increase their income, they might want you to visit their place of business and spend some time there. That's all part of marketing an offline business with consulting services, but there's another way to sell your expertise too.

You can coach people offline via online technology. All it takes is some knowledge of video or audio. Create courses and online workshops that people can download from your site and can use to help them get their offline business online. You can also set up phone coaching sessions for those who want private consultations at a higher rate. You are selling your expertise, and there is a market for that expertise. It's just a matter of going out and bringing that market back to your products and services.