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One Step Up On Simulation Games MRR Ebook

One Step Up On Simulation Games MRR Ebook
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Chapter 7: Make Sure You Have Accessories


Playing simulation games requires multiple accessories. Each game has distinct accessories. Say for instance, if you want to play hardcore flight sim, you need to know get some accessories like yokes and joysticks.

In playing this game, you also need to understand the different functions of every accessory. Following are the different accessories that you need to consider:

Important Accessories for Playing Simulation


Yokes - Racing sims have steering wheels while flight sims have yokes. These accessories are the best way to get the real feeling for flying a plane. Most of these yokes require a USB and functions with either Mac or Windows.

Joysticks - In case you can’t afford a yoke, you can have a joystick. These joysticks come with multiple looks, handles and options. Some joysticks are often based upon the authentic joysticks found in actual planes.

Rudder Pedals - If you have yokes, rubber pedals will finish your flight sim control system. These accessories help in dealing with turning, crosswinds and manage during taxiing.

Headphones - These accessories will complete the feel of controlling a flight sim. You can also have some headphones or other related accessories.

Aside from the above mentioned, you can also get the throttle controllers, rudder controllers, and a lot more. If you opt to purchase simulator accessories, you have to consider several things.

Before buying, you need to consider your system requirements. These system requirements are those of your computer and are associated to processor type, size of the hard disk, and RAM. In choosing simulator kicks, you also need to look for software that comes with a console.

Buying these accessories doesn’t require more cash. You just have to look for the best shop that offers a great deal. If you don’t know where to find these accessories, you are free to read several reviews online. You can also ask some simulation game players to get more hints. After buying the simulation game accessories, you need to know how they work. You also need to understand how to maintain them functional and effective.

Getting the best accessories for your simulation games doesn’t involve a complex task. You just have to know what you need to do and where to deal with. Using your knowledge about these accessories, expect that you will get anything you want. You can also start playing the game and enjoy your free time along with friends or kids.

Chapter 8: Getting in the Player Mindset


Professional simulation game players are normal people. However, some people think that they are exceptional one because of their great knowledge and wide skills in playing games.

Losing is a part of becoming a professional simulation player. Focusing on winning too much can also make your feel frustrated and annoyed. Therefore, you have to be patient and extremely focused when playing. In case you found a certain weakness in your game, then, start improving it. This conditioning style is ideal for enhancing certain aspects of the game. Just always remember that it is essential to have fun while playing. However, if you opt to become a serious gamer, you need to improve your concentration.

The following are ways to have the right mindset and improve your concentration:
Using Simulation Game Play as a Learning Tool

Game play is a casual evaluation method to gain a better understanding of kid’s recognition of a subject. To use simulation game play as a learning tool, you can consider the following:

Determine the Skills You Opt to Assess with Game Play -

You also need to consider the expected range of competency for the skills. In case you are focusing on multiplication, pick the exact facts you opt the players to understand.

Evaluate the Games Available in the Room - This can help in assessing the specified skills. Say for instance, if you opt to evaluate a preschool student’s counting skills, a game of Hi-Ho or other simulation games that require counting are your best choice.

Enhance Your Own Game - This is often observed if your preferred game doesn’t suit for your preferences. Jeopardy style games are easily customizable through filing in words. You can also make your own board games or trivia that use knowledge from the classroom.

Create a List of the Specific Behaviors You desire to Evaluate - To do this, you need to make an assessment tool. Then, use the list to make a casual evaluation sheet. Say for instance, when assessing counting skills through game play, expect that the child will move a given space, match the number of dots and a lot more.

Know if You Will Recognize the Game Play or Participate in the Game - If you join, avoid helping the simulation players. This can help in making them more independent.

As a player, you have to set your mind that you will win the game. Whether you are playing a simple or tough simulation games, your main goal is to complete the task. In case the task is quite tough, you don’t have to force yourself. You can repeat the game over and over again until you complete it.

With the right mindset in playing simulation game, it is easy for you to decide what to do. You are also confident that you are making a right decision.

Similar with other simulation game players, you also need to set your own goals. After finishing a certain task, you can explore more and play other simulation games. The more simulation games you play, the more you will enhance your mind.