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One Time Offers Uncovered MRR Ebook

One Time Offers Uncovered MRR Ebook
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Chapter 6: Quick Tips to Improve Your OTO

The sales letter is done, the offer is complete, yet you still don’t feel amazing as you thought you would about this one time offer. How then do you make something that is going to have you feeling confident, and sure that it will sell like crazy once the prospects arrive at the page? The answer is to make it irresistible. Here is how you do just that.

Make the offer clearly accessible to wondering eyes. This means that when a user finds your OTO after making a purchase, or however your OTO is triggered, they will pass through quickly. Some people make a point of not reading OTO’s at all, just to make a point. So for those people, one must cleverly design a sales page that catches their attention. How best can this happen? Through the use of clean crisp design, and bullet points.

Clean and crisp design is all about colorful graphics that help the eye gravitate in their direction without clogging up the screen, or disrupting the follow of the sales page. To help appease the wondering eyes, one can craft a set of carefully planned out bullet points, make them large enough that one can not miss them, and then post them to the page.

On the list of bullet points you want to write about the features of the product, and make sure to include some sensational statements that will spice things up. Even if the statement is blanket, and not directly related to your particular product in terms of features, it will still do its job of attracting eyeballs.

A statement about how rich the product will make the person, or what the product has done for others usually does this well. Once you have bullet points, you should at least capture some of those wondering eyes before they skip your OTO. And for those that are already reading your offer, the bullets can only help them see the offer more clearly.

Testimonials are another way to make the one time offer irresistible. Customer testimonials that help illustrate the power of the OTO can help draw buyers in, and give them the confidence to make a purchase.

Any testimonial put on the one time offer site should have a meaning to it, and be somewhere between 2 and 10 sentences long. You don’t want a long testimonial because people might simply skip over it, after all they just finished reading the sales page of your first product or service, and thus it might be taxing to read another set of testimonials. At the same time, it is important to make the testimonials long enough so that one can see that a customer or set of customers have gained enough confidence in the product to share their experiences with others.

Finally, it is important to make the one time offer a deal. A deal simply means a great price compared to the normal rate. Some of the best one time offers take a product or service and mark it down by as much as 90% in order to entice a prospect to take action.

If your product normally sells for $100, why not offer it for $20? This will make a lot of people think twice before skipping the page, and thus it is important that you seriously consider adding major value to your OTO. The advantage of using an OTO when it comes to information products is that there is room to do this and still profit. Information products are for the most part cheap or free to hold in stock, and sell, thus the more sales one makes, the more profit one is to receive, no matter how much the discount is.

If you are able to take all the information in this chapter, apply it to an existing or new OTO, you should see considerable results. In the end an OTO is all about you, and what you want to do with your product or service. If you envision your product as something of value, spread that value throughout your offer and the results should be exceptional.