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Online Traffic Secrets Give Away Rights Ebook

Online Traffic Secrets Give Away Rights Ebook
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Chapter 4 - Social Media Marketing

Invest your valuable time & resources on developing social media campaigns because it is a platform where you can get engaged with real people and talk to them. You can surround yourself with qualified prospects and thus generate enormous traffic towards your site. In the previous chapters, you have learnt the ways to identify best social media channels to find your targeted audience. By utilizing that information, you can solidify brand messaging and improve the conversions drastically. Before digging deep into the subject, you need to decide on the social networks that you want to go with. Let's have a look at top social media networks you can choose for your marketing campaigns.

Facebook: Undoubtedly, it is vibrant, crammed with features and tools to deliver a strong business message to larger audience. You can generate high level of engagement; utilize fan pages, paid ads and even viral effect on your posts if executed just perfectly. It is ideal for all kinds of businesses.

Twitter: This micro-blogging channel has an amazing ability to distribute information quickly. The use of hash tags in Twitter has opened new avenues for businesses to reach their potential prospects. It is an ultimate platform to develop a strong and impactful branding.

Pinterest: It can be an awesome referral traffic generator and offers visually appeal to the posts. It can be bit challenging for those businesses with minimum images but ideal for those who would like to focus on audience that love to see content via images or Info graphics.

Quora: Serve your community by answering their questions and concerns via Quora. This platform can be utilized by small, medium and large businesses to build their brand. Intelligence in answering questions plays vital role here and a great way to distribute blog posts but needs significant amount of time and research.

Linkedln: It is the biggest professional network that is especially designed for businesses to develop new connections and relationships with individuals and other businesses. Employee recruitment, interest based groups and various paid marketing solutions are key strengths of Linkedln.

Yelp: Build a super effective local business page by utilizing the power of Yelp. Enhance business effectiveness by exhibiting useful customer reviews and get engaged with your audience directly. By executing appropriately, it can prove to be a wonderful source of traffic for your website.

How to Generate Traffic through Social Media Channels?

In order to succeed, it is essential to build a super strong social media presence so that your business can get visibility that it needs. Choose optimal networks to get started and you will witness a good social media engagement. Get connected with people if you want them to follow you. It is also crucial that you talk with them consistently. Understanding their demographic, preferences, browsing and interest patterns can work wonders for you.

Build Your Own Community

Online community can add value to your content marketing and distribution efforts. Chances are that small amount of your followers can convert but needs a powerful plan for distribution. That is why increasing your fans and followers can be of utmost advantage when it comes to generating traffic and sales. Increasing fans and followers does not mean to buy them instead make sure to get them organically. Only organic followers can engage and reply to your posts consistently. Referral traffic can bring over 30 to 40 % shares in overall web traffic.

Develop Email List via Social Media

There are various tools such as 5 Minute Fan Page in order to gather leads through your Facebook fan page. You can also create a landing page on Facebook and offer the audience something free but of great value to them. Ask them about giving their email addresses and create a huge list this way. Another way is to buy email addresses of people in the same interest or category as your business.

Post At Right Time

There is a wonderful tool called Simply Measured which helps businesses to identify at which time their posts got highest number of visits or exposure. It is free to use and provides useful social media analytics data that you can utilize to target audience at the right time. In this way, you can schedule your posts and get best results out of your efforts.

Post Valuable but Entertaining Content

Content marketing through social media can yield great results. Post all kinds of content i.e. text, videos, images, Infographics etc to provide actual value to them. Your business could have different kinds of customers from different backgrounds. Some may like text based content while some could get engaged via videos. It is not only about posting business content instead you need to develop a special relationship with them. You can do that by posting some other interesting things, apart from your business. Act like their friends to let them connected emotionally with you. Do not shy in sharing posts from other people in your community.

Hosting events online not only helps in building a brand but also establish brand loyalty. Hosting online events specifically for your fans and followers can be a great way to address their questions and concerns. You can host events online using Facebook and get connected with them like never before.

Use Images

Many of your online audience can easily get bored from text based content but you can grab their attention for sure by distributing excellent looking images. For instance Infographics can generate huge amount of attention from people looking for highly useful content. Hire a designer who can develop interesting and valuable content images for the audience.

Measuring Results

Just like other online marketing campaigns, ROI from social media should be tracked and measured. From engagement to vitality and conversions to value should be measured. Make sure to keep a close tab on unique visitors, page views, bounce rate and number of shares. You can easily track conversion rates, leads and users behavior via this way.