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Optimal Optimization MRR Ebook

Optimal Optimization MRR Ebook
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Chapter 9: Staying On Track


“Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential.” — Winston Churchill

If you want to live an optimal life, then you have to know the paths you have to take, and stay on track even when life gets rough. Miserable are those who choose not to continue reaching for their dreams due to the personal issues, detours, and distractions that they may experience as they travel the path towards optimal living. Blessed are those who choose to deal with life’s challenges in order to reach the road to greatness.

Staying On Track

One way to keep you stay on track is to be brave enough to deal with whatever problem that life throws at you. For instance, whenever you face detours, instead of losing hope, why not take the risk and follow this new direction. Accept the fact that they new road still have some frustrations and challenges. What is important is the fact you are able to overcome these issues, allowing you to find the right path to take.

Maintaining a healthy work and life balance also helps you stay on track. Find time to know what is right for you. This way you can live your life based on what you desire. It would also help if you create a positive relationship with the people who influence your life and the decisions that you have to make in one way or another.

Talking with someone whom you trust and with similar dilemma as yours can help you validate your feelings. There is nothing wrong with learning from the mistake of others or making them as an inspiration to living an optimal life. If you think that there is an area of your life that you cannot manage well, you should not hesitate to ask for help. You have to accept that you cannot do all things along. There will come a time that you need the help of others to get things done right.

Stress, hardships, and sorrows have become a part of life. Knowing how to manage these issues can transform you in a person who is not afraid to take the risk, grow, and live life in the best way possible.

Chapter 10: Making Resolutions For Optimal Living


Making resolutions have become a tradition for most individuals. They typically start doing new the things included in their New Year’s resolutions list at the start of the year. However, the beginning of a new year is not meant to instantly make changes in your life. This is usually the perfect time to ponder the behaviors that you have shown in the past year and make the corresponding changes to increase your changes for living optimal life.

Making resolutions for optimal living enables you to determine the things that you need to improve or change to make it easier for you to live your dream life. Unfortunately, around 88% of people make resolutions failed to stick to it.

Like other things in life, resolutions are difficult to achieve without a goal or plan to follows. As mentioned, goals allow individuals to know where they are heading. In this case, resolutions are easier to keep if you take small steps and one resolution at a time. It is also important that you stay positive and believe that you can do it no matter what.

Most people start making chance in their lives at the beginning of the year. But why start in January when you can already do it now? If you are determined to experience optimal living, you can start when you are ready.

Living an optimal life cannot be achieved in just a single month. It will take time for you to achieve you goals especially if they are worth attaining. Patience is the key in keeping your resolutions for optimal living. It is not advisable that you accomplish all your goals in just one month. You have to give yourself the time to breathe, clear your mind, and regain the energy that you have lost as part of your efforts.

Your goals to having an optimal life can be best achieved if you divide them into smaller goals. This way, accomplishing smaller tasks on a daily basis is more feasible than trying to achieve bigger goals in the littlest time possible. Making major changes in your life that you think are impossible to achieve can be made easier if you know the problems associated with it and the personal issues that you need resolved.

Your life is what you create. You can live an optimal life is you want to. You just have to be brave enough to make critical decisions, take the needed actions, and make the necessary changes. Do not let anybody put you down, you have the power to live an optimal life.“Living your best life is your most important journey in life.”