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Paperless Ebook Publishing For Profit MRR Ebook

Paperless Ebook Publishing For Profit MRR Ebook
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Good evening and thank you for investing in your Information Product education.

You are probably convinced on how profitable the information market can be. And in cases more than one, I admit that the profitability in the information market can be, most of the time, out of my own realm of imagination.

So much so, indeed, that it’s rather fascinating.

Also, I trust that you already know that this package has been divided into 3 instructional Modules.

Obviously, I hazard a guess you will be starting your Info Product profits education with this manual.

In a nutshell, the 3 Modules required of you to succeed in being an Infopreneur are:

Creating a product,
(covered in this module)
Setting up your business, and
(covered in Module #2)
Market it!
(covered in Module #3)

While these steps may sound absurdly oversimplified and have been told in many versions, I’ll show you how making money online with your own Info Products is done.

As the title of this manual is rather self explanatory, you will also quickly learn that this manual itself is a perfect example of an Info Product that sells. At first glance, to some, it may look as if I have just created an Info Product that teaches others how to create one.

But you will also discover that I really DO practice what I teach, having been of service to some of my faithful clients as a ghostwriter and created several Info Products and Private Label products that sells.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: it takes all of the Modules (which are presented in this package) to succeed and profit in the information market.
If you have at least one weak Module or more, your business can be doomed to fail. It is that crucial.

Now, I strongly recommend that you start with this manual, whether you haven’t written your first Info Product that sells just yet or not.

At the end of this manual, I know you WILL learn something new, even if you are a seasoned information entrepreneur.

Now, let’s get started. The earlier you begin, the faster you can rake in your profits in the information market. So here’s the scoop from me – how to create your own Info Product out of thin air!

To Your Paperless E-Book Publishing Success!

How to Profit from Your Info Product

Upfront Sales

This is self-explanatory. You make this type of money simply by first selling to your customers.

Back end Income

You earn this kind of income from the same customer through your links embedded within your E-Book.

If the same customer purchases something through your link or affiliate link, you earn additional income to the upfront sales from the same customer.

The income can be recurring if your link or affiliate link is a membership or service site.

Conveying Resell Rights

You can sell your same product at a higher price by giving your customer, especially a reseller, the right to resell your product.

For example, your product is priced at $97.00 then perhaps your Resell Rights price can be $397.00.

Savvy customers or resellers can afford such a price and know too well that it takes only after 4 sales to profit from the sales of your product.

(Now, you know how I turned a $57.00 product into a $550.00 product)

The subject of Resell Rights is covered in detail in the report “3 Steps to Profiting from Your Resell Rights Business”.

Selling Its Source Format

This type of rights is probably the most expensive type of rights there is in Internet Marketing.

In a nutshell, you are selling your product’s Private Label Rights, which is the editable Word document, to your customers, who are likely to be Internet Marketers.
Since savvy marketers are often busy individuals and some of them just don’t have the knack to create their own product, you can sell your product’s source format at 5 to 10 times the price, maybe more.

This is the basis of the manual, Guide to Private Label Rights, where it shows you how you can profit from selling Private Label Rights in detail.

What You Need

Word Program

You will need a Word Program to start creating your own Information Product (E-Book). If you are Microsoft user like me, you should find the Microsoft Word program readily installed within your computer’s system.

PDF Converter Program

Once you have finished creating your own Information Product and proof-read it for the last time, you will need a program that can convert your Word document into PDF format.

That way, your product cannot be altered, add, removed, edited, and its contents remain intact and just the way the document was before you converted it.

You can also disable the copying function to prevent convenient content theft copying.

I am currently using the PDF converter, which is already available within the suite where I am hosting my web site at, to convert my Word documents into PDF products.
Alternatively, you can PDF converter services such as OpenOffice.

Recommended Resource: This PDF Tool Kit is yours as a bonus to purchasing this package. Its retail price is $19.95, but that should help you save at least $400.00 from using Adobe’s PDF converter program.