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Plr Genius MRR Ebook

Plr Genius MRR Ebook
Date Added: May 18, 2014
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13. Be specific

Niche writers are much more likely to get repeat customers and better reputations. When you purchase your Private Label Rights you probably will get something that is appeal to a more general audience. You can tweak it to hit a specific market yourself or you can hire someone to do it. For example, if the article is about health food you could write about health food in the west coast.

You can become niche by concentrating on certain topics or concentrating on certain regions. In cooking you can enter niche by writing about various ethnic cuisines. The more specific the easier it is to become an expert on that subject. The drawback is that you are also limiting you audience.

So what you do is make an e-book about how to work at home and tweak it so that it can be about:

Work at home dad

Work at home mom

Work at home abroad

Equipment that is needed for working at home

The advantages of working at home for your family life

There are so many possibilities that you really have that one E-book can become fifteen. So you can really have a page on that specific niche that doesn’t get that many hits but the cumulative effect of all the sites that have specific information should be huge. You should be getting tons of hits from people who are passionate about their specific niche.

If there was something that you had to do in this article this is the one! Of all the tricks that can make you money this is probably the one that you cannot ignore. People are more interested in things that are specific to them.

14. Changing the medium of the material

Remember when everyone was going crazy over changing the CD than suddenly it was the DVD until it became the Blu-ray. Who knows what is coming next, the only thing you can be sure of is the band wagon effect. Yep, pretty much people would be more impressed with the same media but different format.

You can also change audiobooks into eBooks. It’s not just the next new thing that makes people want to try something else some people might legitimately like that format better. Some people don’t like to listen to books and love to read them. Some people like to listen to books on their car, some on their mp3 players and so on. So the important thing to realize that having the same material in multiple formats and mediums is an excellent way to expand your market base.

Example: / have Private Label Rights of audiobooks on how to make money online, it sells great to the crowd that likes to listen to them on the car and listen to it on their MP3 players. It does pretty well, however the sales taper off. I than transcribe it onto an eBook. A new market opens up, people who want to read it on their ipad or computer will buy it. People who want to read it on their kindle will also buy it. That is a simple way to really expand your market.

If you are incredibly talented you can create your own medium. Maybe you are talented animator and you can create animations that tell the story in a new and interesting way. Maybe you are a musician who can sing the audio book or a poet who can change the words so that they become very poetic. What is important is that creating a new medium will draw interest and might even overshadow whatever material there is.

15. Lead generation

Leads won’t always just appear and land on your lap you have to work for some of those leads. One of the best ways to generate leads and hype is through webinars. If for example you are an expert on a niche topic like Korean BBQ you can offer free webinars on how to cook it. For people to sign up they need to fill in a form with the information you need so that you can market products to them later.

Remember that you can actually pitch your product after the workshop. If for example you were showing them how to cook Korean bbq you can pitch your own Korean bbq sauce and show them where they can buy it.

You can also do this by doing live speaking engagements. These days fame in the blogosphere and web communities can translate into real world fame. So if you have an established name online don’t be afraid to give speeches at meetings and even in the city chamber of commerce.

You can gather email leads or even connect with people on social media where you can start marketing your product to them. The best thing about this is that you can approach and target specific groups by finding the right group that fits the specific demographic. For example if you are selling work at home seminars you can give speeches at schools to graduating students.

You are probably asking how this connects to Private Label Rights. Well, once you engage and get these leads it’s the Private Label Rights that will start getting them to know more about your product. You can even initiate a drip campaign where you send them email every week telling them a little more about your product.

Leads are basically the backbone of your marketing. Once you have lots of leads you need to figure out how to convert them into sales. Most companies have an elaborate sales funnel that they design but in reality if you have a compelling story and product you can probably close a good percentage of those leads.