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Plr Money Made Easy Personal Use Ebook With Audio & Video

Plr Money Made Easy Personal Use Ebook With Audio & Video
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Chapter III: 10 Awesome Ways to Use PLR Content

There are all sorts of ways to make use of great PLR content. You may automatically think of the most familiar ways, such as eBooks or guides or Web content. However, there are many ways that PLR content can be incorporated into marketing, services, and products for your business.

1. Brochures - Use the PLR content, graphics, or adaptable logos in your own business’ brochures and flyers

2. Newsletters - Adapt and use content in your newsletters

3. Trade Shows - Videos, audio, presentations, and content can all be used when you attend trade shows or conventions

4. Promotional Items - Use or adapt logos, graphics, quotes, and other PLR content on promotional items such as magnets, mugs, shirts, etc.

5. Radio - Adapt PLR content for radio spots or for use in interviews

6. Niche-related Product Bundles - When you buy or create PLR content that is niche-specific, you can then offer this content as a bundle, instead of one article or manual, your customers get a group of materials at a discounted price.

7. Online Memberships - Once you have a good “stock” of PLR materials, you can offer them online via subscription or membership. Your customers can pay a one-time or monthly fee to have PLR content regularly sent to them. This gives you a regular income as well.

8. List-building - By creating lists of PLR material, especially niche-specific lists, you are not only categorizing your content, you are also saving your customers time. They will be more likely to come to you for their content because they can find what they need in one place.

9. Creating a Marketplace - This is similar to list-building or memberships, but it can be set up more as a storefront online, and your customers can simply shop for the content they want.

10. Selling RR and MRR Products - When you sell content that allows your customers to resell it, especially if their customers can also resell it, you are giving them something to purchase and a way to make a profit, which will make them even more interested in your content.

Chapter IV: The 7 Steps to PLR Success

The following steps will show you some of the most profitable ways to generate great profits by using PLR content. That method is creating and selling your own product.

There are 2 methods of creating the perfect product.

1. You can create your own product from scratch (How High Quality PLR Memberships do it): Really Expensive & with a lot of hours of hard work and extremely high talent.

2. Use High Quality PLR Products: I will discuss in detail how to create a great & useful product using PLR Content. This is a lot less expensive and you can set up a killer product in days, not months or weeks.

Step 1: Research for a Highly Profitable Niche.

Something extremely Important before you start looking for PLR Products is to do some research to get some great ideas about highly profitable online or offline niches.

You don't have to limit yourself to the online audience, but we recommend you do so because you will be targeting the whole world, but it is possible you may get better results if you target offline businesses. It all depends on the topic you choose to work with.

Step 2: Collect High Quality PLR Material

This is an extremely important thing because this part will define the quality of the product or service you are going to deliver to your future clients. Your intention is to create a complete and high converting sales funnel, and you will need to get access to high quality PLR content in order to do so.

If you get access to a high quality service you will have in your hands something of absolutely great quality, so you may create the perfect product for you to sell as your own. The higher the quality of work you find, the less money and effort you have to invest in it.

Step 3: Rewrite the material

This step right here will make your product 50% more unique than every one of your competitors. Regardless of the quality of the PLR product you may have, this step will make you create a unique and high quality product, but remember that the higher the quality of the PLR product you get, the less money and effort you will have to invest in it.

Here, I'm not talking about changing the whole thing or creating the product again, what's the point in doing that? Here, what I'm talking about is changing some very important parts that can make your product more unique.

Step 4: Add more content into the product

This is something that will surely skyrocket the uniqueness of your product to 100%.

You may research a little bit about the subject. Maybe you will find that some of the tools mentioned here have been upgraded or may present new features that your clients may get an advantage from. That happens a lot with topics related to Social Media.

You may include additional chapters as well if needed. You may include additional tools and steps in the process if necessary. Remember, you have to deliver more value, more helpful tips.

Step 5: Organize the Sales Funnel

For the Most profit, you need a Killer sales funnel. It will maximize your profit like you haven't ever seen before. So, the first step is to Plan a Sales funnel.

Without a sales funnel you will be losing 95% of your hard work. With a proper sales funnel you will skyrocket your benefits to 300% more revenue + 7 times more leads.

In different niches different sales funnels work, but we tested a lot & this is best funnel we use for ourselves to sell stuff in the Internet Marketing niche.

This is an extremely important part, because this is what makes you a lot of money. This will really get you the making money machine you really want and deserve. If you don’t do this right, it will impact the number of sales and the money you make significantly. Let me describe to you a simple, yet powerful way used by successful product launchers to set up a high converting Sales Funnel.