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Plr Secrets Exposed Give Away Rights Ebook

Plr Secrets Exposed Give Away Rights Ebook
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Edmund Loh There are several ways to use Private Label products given its benefits such as claiming authorship, editing the contents, and so forth. Some products even allow you to publish them offline.

But in my experience, the best leverage you can squeeze from Private Label Rights is conveying the Full Master Resell Rights to the PLR products. In other words, sell the Private Label product in PDF format but offer Full Master Resell Rights to it.

In fact, this method is inspired by some of my customers who did wonders with my PLRGold products. Let me explain.

If the Private Label product comes with PLR & Master Rights, it gets even better because most marketers I know tend to prefer to resell its Private Label Rights.

Result: tough competition. But you play a different ball game when you use the same product and take advantage of its flexible rights just by re-titling the Private Label E-Book, putting your name and using your own designed E-Cover.

That counts for significant changes at the expense of 6 to 24 hours. Sure beats weeks of hard work writing from scratch.

If the Private Label E-Book has 100-200 pages, just break it into several E-Books with 20-30 pages each, each targeting a sub niche. You might notice that most 100-200 page Private Label E-Books are written in the form of text books on a certain subject.

Just by breaking the huge book into chunks of smaller, extremely targeted books – no additional writing necessary – you already attract a more focused set of audience.

With that in mind, create multiple E-Books with Full Master Resell Rights and sell them. You don’t most of the money by selling upfront because the real kill settles in when you embed your affiliate links and place back-end advertisements in those products with Master Resell Rights.

This is the concept but by doing so, you’re in a real essence hitting 3 birds with a stone: making sales (upfront), building your list (from back-end advertising), and establishing your credibility – because people and resellers are reselling your E-Book over and over without you getting involved. Now Ok, we’ll move on to the next question.

How do I create, market and sell my own Private Label product? What is the best way?

Aurelius Tjin OK. I can’t really give you “the BEST way”, because it really depends if you’ve got the budget and time to invest in your own PLR product.

There’s two kinds of people –

If you’ve got NO TIME but do have MONEY, then I would highly, HIGHLY recommend you hire a ghostwriter to write or program your PLR product.

On the other hand, if you DO have time, have knowledge about your chosen topic, BUT you’re on a shoe-string budget, then you’d rather do it yourself.

Both ways will give you similar results. It just depends on those two factors – TIME and MONEY.

Once you’ve got your product created you could easily sell it to your own list (if you’ve got one), you know, just to get started. Edmund and I can’t stress out how important having your own list is – it’s the foundation of your business.

You could do a Private label rights firesale where you offer 7-10 private label products starting from $197 and moving up to about $297.

You can even start your own membership where you provide articles with private label rights and charge a monthly fee of about $29. That’s residual income for yourself.

Once you’re more advanced with creating PLR products you can seek Joint-Ventures to help you do a big launch.

If you’ve got NO list at all you can carefully advertise your product using Google Adwords. You’ll get your ads shown on Google searches in about 15 minutes. I also recommend you use other PPC services like Overture (they call it Yahoo Marketing or something like that now). Ok, so Edmund, let’s wrap it up….