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Resell Rights Renegade MRR Ebook

Resell Rights Renegade MRR Ebook
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86. The "Freshen It Up" Strategy

The "new (or master) resell rights every month" strategy tells your prospects that if they pay a one-time or monthly fee, they can get new products to resell all the time. They'll realize they will never have to worry about running out of fresh products to resell.

87. The "Big Collection" Strategy

The "huge resell right collection valued at ($)" strategy tells your prospects that they can get tons of resell products all at once for way lower than what you paid for them. It could be resell products, give away products, master resell rights, private label rights products, etc.

88. The "Next One Free" Strategy

The "get my future resell rights product for free" strategy tells your prospects that if they buy your resell rights product, they will get your next one for no cost when you release it. You could offer a bonus without even having created it yet.

89. The "Imagine The Profits" Strategy

The "resell it for between ($) and ($)" strategy tells your prospects to imagine making that much every time they sell one of your resell products. You could use it as an example but never fix the price and allow them to sell it for what they want to.

90. The "Quick Start" Strategy

The "quick start guide and easy to follow instructions include" strategy tells your prospects that it's easy and quick getting set up to sell your resell product. You want to give directions on picking a payment processor, changing payment links, selecting web hosting, uploading the files, etc.

91. The "Genius" Strategy

The "no programming or technical knowledge required" strategy tells your prospects that they don't need a college degree in order to resell your product. Just list the simple steps they will have to do or give them the name of someone they can hire to do it for them.

92. The "Technology" Strategy

The "we will do all the technical work for you" strategy tells your prospects that they won't have to do any programming, uploading, coding, etc. Many people are afraid of the technical side of running an online business.