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Ripped With Cardio MRR Ebook

Ripped With Cardio MRR Ebook
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Most medical experts will attest to the fact that some cardio training is better than not having any at all. In order to life a fit and healthy lifestyle one of the prerequisites should be to incorporate some cardio training on a regular basis. Get all the info you need here.

Ripped With Cardio

The Revolutionary Fitness Training For Fitter & Stronger Body

Chapter 1:

All You Need To Know About Cardio

It should be noted that there are various types and stages of cardio workouts available for any interested individual. Therefore, some research should be done before the most appropriate regimen it designed and followed effectively. The following are some of the points that should be considered when trying to understand cardio training:

The Basics

Moderate intensity cardio training – for those who are attempting cardio workouts for the specific purpose of getting back into shape or for those who want to put the brakes on the state of obesity currently felt, the moderately designed cardio workout would be more advisable option to start with.

This is mainly due to the fact that most cardio exercises are rather challenging, thus needing the commitment on the part of the participant and if the cardio program chosen is at a difficult level, then the chances of the individual sticking to the program is rather slim. A moderate intensity cardio workout that is done for a longer period of time will give the eventual desired results and will help to keep the individual focused and motivated.

As the desired results become more evident, there may be a need to step up the cardio exercise program to be able to achieve even more form the workout sessions. Putting in more time or more sessions will help the individual gain more muscle mass and lessen the body fat content. Besides this, a more frequent routine would be something healthy to indulge in as opposed to wasting the same amount of time on something that will not benefit the individual.

Chapter 2:

Choosing Your Fitness Gear

Choosing the right gear can be a very daunting and confusing task, especially when the equipment available is vast and varied.

What You Need

For some consulting an exercise expert would be good enough and for others the advice of the sales personnel selling the equipment is something that they would consider.

However, before even embarking on the quest to acquire the suitable fitness gear, the individual should take the time and trouble to define the needs and intentions of the entire exercising foray before the suitable set of equipment can be identified.

There are generally two types of categories the exercises can be grouped into, which the aerobic type and the weight bearing type. The aerobic type, which is also known as cardiovascular training, is meant to raise the heart rate, boost metabolism and put the body into the fat burning mode during the workout sessions.

The weight bearing exercises which is also known as strength training is meant to develop the large muscle groups of the body and increase the muscle mass.

The equipment for the aerobic exercise type would include the treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, pedal exercises, rowing machines, cross trainers and the stair stepper.

As for the weight nearing type the equipment would most likely include the home gym, work out bench, incline bench, barbells, hand
weights or dumbbells, weight sets, weight benches and abdominal exercises.

Although money may also play a large part in the decision for the most ideal fitness gear, the individual should also take into account the long-term usability of the item intended for purchase.

Making a purchase just on the current needs may not be the best choice to make as when the individual has reached the desired phase in the exercise regimen, there may be a need to upgrade the current equipment and this could end up being a rather costly affair.