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Social Dating MRR Ebook

Social Dating MRR Ebook
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Chapter 4: Getting dates using facebook places


Although facebook was initially the ideal way to reconnect with people, friends and family, it is now becoming a compatible way to getting dates online.

Although caution should be exercised as many people would not really respond well to “cold” and “in your face” contact, therefore using the appropriate tools and profile introductions will help to demonstrate the individual’s intentions without too much misconceptions and misinterpretations.

The following are some steps that are recommended, should an individual decide to explore the dating options using the facebook platform:


Using the search bar provided scroll through the information feature based on the location and interests, then choose the profile that most interests the individual. When this is narrowed down to a few ideal choices, then click on the name or photo to preview the complete profile content. Using the common interest as the main element for the connection would give the connection a better chance of achieving some success as the other party would be keener to be linked to like minded people.

In the send message prompt. Type a simple and casual note explaining the interest in the party’s profile content without being too overwhelming and “corny”. Initiate and engage in light conversation styles to ensure the other party responds. Remembering to keep everything light and friendly will help to create the comfortable aura that will encourage a response.

After the initial exchange of about 10 messages, adding the new contact to the friends list. Then the next possible step would be to invite the online new friend to a social activity that is publically located, and ensure the circumstances for the meeting are kept casual and light. However, the initiator should be prepared for the response given, if it is unfavorable at the time, and perhaps make a similar invitation sometime later.

Chapter 5: Find dates through public Facebook events


Facebook is fast becoming a popular way of informing anyone and everyone of an up and coming event that is being hosted or organized. Because of this very unique way of making invitations available to all, it is also a great way to meet new people or find dates.

The following are just some of the possibilities when it comes to finding dates at social events featured on facebook:


By creating an event activity directly from the events box, on the home page the individual is able to feature the up and coming event in just one step. Typing in the event intended into the “what are you planning” space on the right hand column of the home page, will allow all those visiting the page to be privy to the information and then they can decide if the event is a suitable platform for them to meet and arrange possible dates.

On the form that opens up, the individual can then type in further information about the event such as the time and place of the intended event and the general description of what it is all about. This will then give all those interested in attending a general idea of what is going to take place and the possible types of crowd it is going to draw. This information is also important to the individual looking to make a connection for the purpose of dating.

There are generally two types of events popularly featured on the facebook platform, and these would include public events where the invitations are usually extended to anyone and everyone, and there are the private events where only invited people are privy to the information posted about the event. Both these style are great ways to meet people and get dates but the individual must be alert to these events being feature in order to know where and when this dating possibility can be initiated.

Chapter 6: The mobile dating revolution through foursquare


Any event organized needs the support of the people attending to ensure its success. Today it is possible to reach a wider circle of people for the intention of presenting invitations that will encourage them to attend these events. This can be done in a variety of ways that are more commonly less expensive than the more conventional methods, and one of these would be with the use of the foursquare platform.

Great Info

Foursquare is a service that users would find very useful and twitter followers are one of the areas where a buzz has been created for this style of sharing and alerting users to information posted.

Basically is a marketing opportunity, as foursquare would make it a seamless way to tweet check in and accomplishments. This of course would be an advantage for those who would be interested in making such connections with like minded and similar interests’ individuals.

Foursquare is able to effectively and regularly adjust its channel syndication strategy from twitter to facebook to push these notifications to the forefront while constantly finding the balance to ensure the element of spam is not tagged to it.

It is also a great form of marketing anything and everything thus effectively providing the users with the opportunity to further their own agendas such as possible dating platforms.

When it comes to actually facilitation possible meets, the foursquare agenda is designed to inform its users of specific events when checking in at major venues.

There are also prompts that will help people keep in touch or even reconnect with others when a specific amount of time has lapsed as the software will be able to detect such things.

There has been noticeable activity as a lot of interested parties are now using the platform to check in and view the events being featured. This activity is push factor that is further encouraging the foursquare to plan even more precise product plan ahead of time where the intersection of people, place and time becomes a big part of the feature.