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Social Media Marketing 101 PLR Ebook

Social Media Marketing 101 PLR Ebook
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Are you experiencing the success you thought you’d have with social media? Or could it be that your business has seen little-to-no growth even after rolling out a bunch of campaigns to get the brand noticed? If you’ve had some bad luck with social media, then you’re certainly not alone because many companies, both large and small, experience some sort difficulty achieving their marketing goals at some point, but what sets some of them aside is the fact that they learn fast, and adapt.

Look at some of the tactics used by companies that employ effective social media strategies: don’t focus too much on their target audience, because that’s hardly relevant. These tactics will work on just about any audience if done right.
Martell Home Builders

This is an Atlantic Canadian custom home building company which in the past relied on realtors to keep the business afloat. This however changed once they decided to embrace social media and they finally developed an effective direct-to-consumer strategy which kicked out the middleman and allowed them to bring in the business.

This all started with the creation of a blogging strategy that mainly focused on giving homeowners and would-be homeowners valuable tips about home ownerships and they were able to capture the attention of countless homebuyers. Posts such as “Home Staging Tips and Techniques” were particularly useful to their audience and today, the company gets 86% of their total leads from consumers.

An important point here to note is that multiple studies have revealed that people respond more to blog subscription via email as opposed to RSS feed. Martel clearly understands this as seen on their call to action which reads “Get the blog sent to your inbox.” It’s a smart way to get new leads while making sure to maintain value by giving out new blog updates.

Another feature the company executes well is customer service, especially where they take advantage of modern geolocation technology by mounting trackers on contractors’ vehicles, so that customers know exactly where the contractor is when on the job. It eases the customers’ minds and makes it look like the company understands their customers perfectly.

With such innovative technology and profound understanding of their customers, Martell has been able to grow their brand beyond what anyone could’ve expected, and they have made homebuilding experience a social thing. They also have photo galleries showing clients’ homes under construction which allows people to monitor closely the progress as the house comes to be. It’s one of the most shareable contents on their website because clients get to share the images in their own social circles, with friends and family.

Another feature Martell uses for social integration is the Facebook like box; which is updated dynamically every time a user visits their page on Facebook. It’s a nifty little widget which shows how many people liked your Facebook page and also displays faces of some of your fans. One advantage to using this feature is the fact that people can join your fan group without having to leave your website. It compels visitors to stay longer on your website and that in itself increases your fan base significantly.

#Tip: When creating your own strategy, try to think outside the box like Martell did by giving their clients access to unique photos showing the construction of their homes and allowing them to track their contractors’ whereabouts.


This is a popular online retailor that focuses on clothing, shoes and accessories. Zappos is known mainly for the great emphasis they put on building strong relationships with their clients. The company’s Facebook tab reads: “Let’s be in a Like-Like relationship.” It’s one of the ways they show real commitment to their fans and this helps solidify trust with their customers.

The company’s attraction process involves them asking people to Like them and then join their email list. When a visitor clicks the like button, they bring up a sign-up page where people can join the community and get access to products. Because they wait until a visitor joins the community, it gives people a sense of value and it shows they actually care about getting to know their fans and building relationships.

Zappos also uses another interesting strategy where they reveal certain content to fans only. It’s actually called “fans-only content” and it encourages people to join in so they can access things like cool fashion images, videos and insider tips. The process is as simple as clicking the like button and the company gets new people coming in every hour, joining the special community to be a part of a fashionable and well-informed group.

Zappos has a custom welcome tab which features comment widgets, where fans can talk about products, and the posts appear on their own pages or profiles telling their friends about Zappos products and what they like most about the company. It is a great strategy for social proof.

As far as engagement strategies go, Zappos doesn’t hold back with their “Fan of the week” contest where they have fans send in their pictures with the Zappos box, and other fans get to vote for the picture they like most. The winner gets their photo posted on their wall image where everybody can see. No doubt the company puts their fans first.

#Tip: Find out how you can use the power of social media to make your fans feel like stars, and they will love you for it. Shine a spotlight on your followers on all your social media channels and they will be compelled to talk about your brand. It doesn’t take a multi-million dollar strategy to be able to do this; just borrow a few ideas from what Zappos and other brands are doing and mold your own strategy to be more effective but still affordable.


Giantnerd sells equipment designed for outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, snowboarding, etc. This company has in place one of the best examples of social media interaction in the industry. It works by offering fans friendship while also giving them the best value in the process and they’ve also merged their website with social media in every aspect.

The official company website features a custom social networks which requires a single click to join and makes it very easy for visitors to join. Another cool feature is the incentive program which offers new members a 5% discount on products - they call it the ’’Nerds save 5%” promotion and it pulls in a significant number of new members.