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Solar Power – Save Your Money With Alternative Energy Mrr Ebook

Solar Power – Save Your Money With Alternative Energy Mrr Ebook
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With recent innovations in solar power technology, more electrically powered products are aiming to utilize solar power to keep up with the solar energy revolution.

Solar panels

Solar photovoltaic panels or simply PV panels are the most popular solar power product both in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Its popularity is due to the programs and stimulus packages financed by government agencies throughout the world. It is a proven source of electricity both to rural and urban regions. PV panels can power billboards, bus stop, highway traffic and sign lights, emergency telephones, navigational buoys, as well as residential home appliances like television, fans, pumps, computers, etc.

Solar powered pumps

In rural areas, solar powered pumps are use to supply water to residential areas, livestock, farms, etc. In the metropolitan, it is a convenient way to supply water to gardens and fountains. Typically, a DC solar powered pump is used in smaller applications like fountains while AC solar powered pumps are suitable for any type of application, be it landscaping or irrigation.

Solar boats and vehicles

Solar boats are ideal to use in still waters like lakes. It can be easily powered in a nice, sunny day without using batteries and is easy to be rowed if there is insufficient solar energy. Hybrid vehicles are automobiles powered by two or more power sources. In the case of solar hybrid cars, the car typically is powered by fuel or other energy source while the electronics are powered by solar energy. There are solar-charged vehicles as well, which mainly used solar energy to charge the car’s battery. Electric bicycles, which use electric motors, also have solar electric bicycles where solar energy is used to charge the bike’s motor. Solar hybrid boats are also available.

Solar pool heaters

This uses solar thermal power and not the usual PV panels. A flat plate, normally called solar thermal collectors are used to collect heat which then converts it to electricity by heating water to produce steam and drive a turbine connected to an electrical generator. The process is more complex than PV panels but is more cost-effective and job-efficient.