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Stop Headaches Drug Free PLR Ebook With Audio

Stop Headaches Drug Free PLR Ebook With Audio
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Tip #65 Don't get frustrated. When you feel yourself loosing control, take a step back and take 10 deep breaths. Frustration can easily bring on a tension headache.

Tip #66 Color effects us on a psychological level. Reds and oranges invoke tense angry feelings, but light pastels in hues of green and blue have a calming effect. The more calm you feel, the less likely you are to get a headache.

Tip #67 Bad teeth can cause headaches. If you have a tooth infection or other oral problem, it can cause a headache.

Tip #68 Posture. If you don't sit properly, you can cramp the muscles in your neck and shoulders. The following tips will help you with proper posture:

Never slouch in your chair.

Try to sit as erect as possible.

Instead of bending over, try to hold your work up, so your neck is straight.

Get a writing board.

If you continue to have problems with your posture, you may consider buying a lumbar support pad, a doughnut or other devices designed to help you sit correctly. These are available in office stores and medical supply stores.

Tip #69 Rinse your hair before you go to bed. If you have gel, hairspray, or other hair products in your hair, it can seal the pores of your scalp and cause a headache. The perfume from the products can also irritate your nasal passages as you sleep, causing you to wake up with a headache.

Tip #70 Aerosols cause sinus infection in many people, so try to use products that do not create a fine mist.

Tip #71 If you wear glasses or contacts, have your eyes checked periodically. Slight alterations in your vision can cause headaches.

Tip #72 If you have a family history of poor eyesight, get yourself examined periodically. Most vision defects are hereditary, so if one of your parents started using glasses at an early age, there is a 25% chance that you might have the same problem as well.

Tip #73 Never shake your head violently.

Tip #74 A gentle shake of your head, however, can tell you if you do have a sinus infection.

Tip #75 Another method is to try bending over. The moment you lower your head, you'll feel like your head is a bowling ball.

Tip #76 Avoid irritating people. Anger and irritation are major causes of headaches.

Tip #77 Avoid stuffy rooms.

Tip #78 Make sure your bedroom is properly ventilated. Even if the A/C is turned on, turn on a fan to circulate the air.

Tip #79 Dip cotton in iced water and apply it on your forehead. This is soothing, but do not leave the cotton on for too long.

Tip #80 Crying is not good for a headache.

Tip #81 Do not skip meals. Eat at fixed times. Hunger causes migraine attacks. When you miss meals, you are actually depriving your body of energy. The body seeks out alternative energy sources and you often end up with a headache.

Tip #82 If you have a sinus problem, blow your nose often. Blowing your nose helps to get rid of the mucus that accumulates in the sinuses. It is great if you can blow your nose after a steam inhalation.

Tip #83 Rinse your sinus cavities with a neti-pot. If your sinuses are blocked, the pressure from the extra mucus can cause a headache.

Tip #84 If you have an allergic condition like a dust allergy, change your air filters regularly, and consider buying special filters for dust allergies.

Tip #85 If your dust allergy is severe, wear a dust mask.

Tip #86 Foods containing monosodium glutamate and caffeine can trigger a migraine.

Tip #87 Eating fermented and pickled food can lead to headaches.

Tip #88 Contraceptive pills can trigger headaches, because they interfere with hormonal changes. (Then again, last time we checked, screaming babies trigger headaches as well.)

Tip #89 Maintain a headache diary. Record the food and drink you consume, weather conditions, stress and menstrual cycles.

Try to identify the causes that lead to a headache. Record how often and how frequent they are and whether they are related to any external condition like the weather or travel.

Tip #90 Consult the doctor about your headaches. Many people feel silly about going to a doctor with something as insignificant as a headache, but there is nothing insignificant about a headache.

Tip #91 Dress appropriately. If you work outside, dress for the weather. If you work inside, dress so you are comfortable while you're working.

Tip #92 While you're traveling allow your body to adjust to any time changes.